Do You Need To Buy A Dog Bed?

Posted by waggers on August 5th, 2011

Does your dog really need a dog bed? A dog does require rest, so it needs a proper place to sleep. By observing your dog will give you a better idea of what product to look for as a complete resting place. A dog bed is one product among many that can be your dog’s own place where the dog not only will relax but will also feel safe and secure.

How would you choose a dog bed?

Before going to shop for dog beds, just ask a few questions to yourself. Does your dog usually avoid the bed to cool off? Does it like to rest its head on a place from where it can get a view of the entire room?  Does your dog shed or does it have any other problem that can cause the dog bed to need constant cleaning? If you have observed its daily behaviour this will help you to select the prefect bed for your dog.

To order the perfect size dog bed for your dog make sure you consider how your dog
likes to sleep as to what style of bed you choose. For example with the rectangular shaped
beds measure your dog from nose to base of the tail, then add five or more inches.

Visit a shop to see it yourself what types of dog beds available in the market and which one will best suit to your dog’s need. At the time of purchase, be very sure that the dog bed you are going to choose is good enough to become favourite resting place for your dog.

Benefits –

Sleeping on floor can cause discomfort and in the long run, it can even cause chronic pain. Dog beds are easy solution to overcome the problem.

Cot style dog beds or a raised dog beds are good if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. A raised bed will keep it off of the cold floor in winter.

Basket dog beds come with a safe and cosy high back which provide support and a nice pillow to rest their heads while sleeping.

Dog beds with machine washable covers are good in maintaining hygiene. They can be placed in the washing machine when dirty or soiled. 

Like humans, dogs also experience changes as they grow old. Their joints stiffen, or their bones become thinner. Orthopaedic dog beds are meant to offer therapeutic benefits to dogs that suffer from arthritic joints.

When you are considering a product for your pet, a high quality dog bed should be well up on the list. Make sure the dog bed is according to your dog’s need. If it doesn’t, no matter how good it looks your dog won’t use it.

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Tracey Cannon is the Marketing Manager at Waggers based in Cumbria, England states that many of Waggers dog products are produced exclusively for Waggers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and care for your dog. The company offers an exciting range of dog products, including dog bowl, dog ram, dog beds, dog leads and joint aid for dogs etc. in addition with a selection of dog training products

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