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Choosing the most effective reading program for kids

Posted by salahkassab on October 26th, 2017

Everyone is aware of the 3 R’s of learning- Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. All three r’s play an equally important role in the all-round development of a person. It is important to provide early on in the child’s development the right kind of tools and environment so that he can develop these 3 skills effectively. Reading being the first and most basic skill needs to be given the foremost priority. These days’ schools offer special reading programs for kids in addition to the regular curriculum of the school. Example of one such program is MindChamps reading program, Singapore.Such programs focus on developing the reading skills of children through various new techniques and methods. Before enrolling a child in any of these programs a parent needs to be aware of what a good reading program includes.

Inculcating joy of reading through the reading program

Any reading program for kids should focus on developing interest of a kid in reading. It is true that the more we enjoy doing a particular thing, the more time we give to it. If a child takes enjoyment in the act of reading then he would be more willing to correct his mistakes and practice more. It would also develop his confidence and make him a skilled reader. An excellent example of this is MindChamps reading program’s first aim. It clearly states to help a child in reading by first generating a desire to read.

An effective phonics class- a must in any reading program for kids

To be able to relate letters and words to sounds helps kids become proficient readers.Any good reading program for kids should necessarily have a phonic class in its curriculum like the MindChamps reading program.They have included a phonic class in all theirlevels of reading program.This approach widens the learning scope of the child. Leaning is then not limited to a classroom. With the help of phonics a kid is able to apply his knowledge to the world of text around him which makes him confident about his reading skills.

Development of reading comprehension skills

Reading comprehension means attaching meaning to the written or spoken words. A child’s reading comprehension skills can be developed by application of various comprehension strategies. These strategies help a child think and understand about what he is reading about. It also helps him remember what he has read.

Enrichment class for an all-round development

Many schools offer reading programs as an enrichment class that helps them at their reading skills using modern techniques.Enrichment class helps a child develop these skills through other methods than those taught in his academic curriculum. An enrichment class in reading not only helps a child read better, it helps him write better too. It also helps him understand science and math in an effective manner. 

Systematic progress measured throughout the program

The teaching should be carried out is a systematic way. The concepts should be introduced one by one. Only when a child has gained enough confidence in one concept should the next concept introduced. Like in the MindChamps reading program for kids, kids are taught through 3 levels of competency, Joey program, Panda program and Dolphin program.

Immediate feedbackgiven to kids in the program

Kids should be assessed regularly and feedback about their performance should be given to them and their parents. This helps kids in correcting their mistakes and improving their reading skills.

Practice makes perfect

A child should be encouraged to read for a particular time daily. The reading program for kidsshould offer sufficient material to the kid to take home and practice. These materials can be in the form of books, papers and other reading materials. MindChamps offer eBooks to kids to take home and practice.

One should make sure that whichever reading program is chosen it should have at least the above essential elements.

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