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Top Maintenance Hacks of Solar Panels

Posted by RonWilliam on October 26th, 2017

commercial solar power in Australia

Experiencing a few issues with the solar system is not something abnormal, especially if you have installed the panels for a long time. Inverter issues, grid failure and abnormality in wiring are some of the reasons people may face problems. However, it is never beyond repair. Therefore, calling up the professionals associated with such sorts of work are the safest way to get away with the issue. All you need to do is to carry out a bit of research and find out that one company specialise in renewable energy in Australia. However, following some simple maintenance hacks can ensure that you don’t have to deal with such problems at all.

Usually, solar systems require minimum care and maintenance. Therefore, both the cost and effort remain minimal. The panels are expected to be inspected thoroughly to make sure at least few times on yearly basis to make sure whether the accumulated dirt is affecting the system to function adequately or not. In most of the cases, the house owners tend to install the panels up high on the roof. Therefore, if you are making an effort to check what is wrong with the panels; consider it mandatory to take the required safety precautions and get the job done within the given time.

Check out some of the maintenance hacks that you may put to use for ensuring that the panels keep on functioning in the right way.

Don’t use water when the panels are hot

The experts always suggest taking some time while washing away the dirt on the panels. The best way to make sure of it is to bring down the panels and keep it aside for a few hours before start to clean it up. You may find some cracks on the panels as you use the hosepipe to put water on the panel when those are still hot.

Use cleaning essentials recommended by the professionals

There is not much need of cleaning solutions when you are thinking to clean up the solar panels. However, if you are doing the clean up after a long time, consider it mandatory to take the advice of the experts to make sure you are using a cleaning product that will not cause any damage to the panels.

Clean on a cloudy day

As per the experts dealing with the supply and installation of commercial solar power in Australia, it is best to clean up the panels on a cloudy day when the sun exposure is minimal. The panels remain comparatively cold during the time, and as a result, the washing can be done without any possibility of damage. Moreover, it does not take any time to cool down, and therefore you can start the washing process as soon as you bring it down.

Ask for professional help if the panels are out of reach

Don’t try to do anything crazy in attempting to climb up the roof and bring down the panels when it is located someplace too high. Calling up for professional help is the best way in this case as they come equipped with necessary equipment and ladder to reach the place and clean the panels efficiently.

Resource Box – The author has an experience of being associated with the maintenance of equipment related to commercial solar power in Australia and possesses in-depth knowledge about renewable energy in Australia.

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