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Posted by juliamarks82 on August 8th, 2011

Horror comics have fear as its main dominant and it is strongly characterized by that fear. The manner in which the stories unfold tends to bring a shiver down the spine. This fear leaded by the anxiety comes to life in the drawings of the artist. The horror art inculcates these moods in its best form to present a story filled with dread. Though horror art may look simple and shabby, in reality it needs hands that have not only mastered the art of details but also a mind that can perceive the tension to be created through those words and pictures.
Very few people have these skills to mix the characters, its mood, and the story plot in order to depict it through the drawings. The main aim rests with the idea to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear yet make it unstoppable for the reader. People who have accomplished it have taken horror comics to a level where it has been termed as classic. It has seen it all from bringing back people from the dead, awakening the dead and the ghosts, creating new monsters like Frankenstein, Werewolf and Dracula as well as aliens, travelling to mysterious places, spine chilling serial murders, travelling to ancient times, using blood and ogle to using simple psychological tones that unnerve the reader's mind.

Not only that the horror comics have made full length adaptations from many stories and made them real in a picturesque manner. Each country namely America, Britain, Japan, and Australia has its own style of creating horror art which is unique to all of them. It has developed many folds from the childish idea of dancing skeletons. It has evolved as an art that has not given its credit before. Creating a creature from the shadowy world and making it emerge and work in the darkness makes the work of the artist very difficult.
The artist of horror art has to concentrate immensely on the pain sticking details so that the visual art does not end up being funny rather than scary. Drawing a simple tentacle monster or a ghost shrouded in a white sheet needs precise detailed conceptualization to give it the desired effect that will bring chills down the spine of the reader.

Resource Box: To view some of the latest original horror comics and get a feel of the detailed yet unnerving horror art that will create both a panic and admiration in your hearts, visit the website below.

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