Advantages of using Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion

Posted by Metal Barrier on October 27th, 2017

For a developing country, the roadways need to be built and fortified to let the progress flow. The highways are the lifelines that offer a paved way towards a new future. The biggest problem a road development process faces is the climate changes and erosion. Often, the roads cannot tolerate the natural forces and succumb to form potholes and ditches. A damaged road can only be mended with proper resources. 

Traditional versus new way

Previously, the mixture of bitumen and aggregates needed to be heated to 150°C before using it to make the base of the roads and pavements. The temperature is a big concern in this case. Producing the mixture, laying and compacting it need a particular viscosity that can only be managed by the temperature point. Maintaining the temperature is the biggest challenge in this aspect. 

The traditional mix cannot be properly used in the areas with high rainfall, high altitude, snowfall, etc. Often the mix gets solidified very quickly causing loss of resources and hampering the workflow. Solving the problems of long distance of transition and weather, Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion is used. Meeting the climatic and altitude challenges has become very easy for the contractors.

Using Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion, the seasonal barriers can e easily eradicated. The wet aggregates can be utilized properly for laying. The biggest strength is that the conventional instrument can be used to lay down the mix and pave the construction. There is no requirement of heating of the binder and aggregate mixture up to 150 degrees. A huge amount of energy and resources are saved. In fact, the process is environment-friendly too. The site also does not require setting up a big infrastructure. It can be easily prepared on the site without burning too many resources in the remotest areas.

Building roads in the remote locations and high altitudes has become a lot more convenient. No matter what the climatic condition is, the process can be carried on without any hassle. Even the Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion in India can be laid when the condition is humid or the surface is wet. The custom-designed mix is replacing the hot mix and heats up the construction process. Meet the challenges with the newly designed mix and pave the way for a new future.

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