5 Ways to Use Live Video Streaming to Boost your Business

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on October 27th, 2017

5 Ways to Use Live Video Streaming to Boost your Business

Live video streaming is slowly hitting the mainstream with services such as Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live having launched, among other services. Businesses are still figuring out the potential behind these tools to enhance brand development and marketing. There is much opportunity here to use live video streaming to boost revenues and engagement, if you know how to use it. Live video broadcasting through a smartphone, on a platform where anyone can join, is a communications medium that every category of the marketplace should be looking at. These are just a few of the ways to use interactive tech like live video streaming to drive numbers.

Live Product Training

Live training for users and potential users not only acts as a sales seminar but also informs the consumer on how to properly use your product. Today’s businesses are primarily fixated on using text-based instruction and YouTube videos to educate. There’s nothing wrong with this per se but having a live video stream of a demonstration or training encourages engagement in a way that these methods cannot. By having someone there to walk you through the use of a software or product, a consumer can ask questions and learn the training in a more effective manner. If the resources are there for your business to engage in live product training, you absolutely should.

Live Events on Video

Creating live events for consumers to participate in creates excitement, encourages urgency, and helps you stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace that is the internet. For example, if you are hosting a conference or public event, you can attract consumers and prospects in that are not able to attend in person by posting on Periscope or Facebook Live. Additionally, you can create your own events like a product release, a competition, or another type of event to broadcast live to the online world. Events-driven marketing certainly has its place in the landscape of digital marketing and is something that many businesses should explore more.

Use it to Drive Sales and Promotions

Promotions are an excellent way to attract eyes to your business. If you target audience don’t know about the sale though, all your effort is worth nothing. A live video steam can help bring eyes to a sale that maybe consumers have missed. For example, a weekly special broadcasted out on a Monday combined with a live product demonstration is a combination technique that works. A live video on an established platform like Facebook Live also encourages buyers to have a deeper look at your product, potentially asking questions before they make their purchase.

A Behind the Scenes Look at your Business

“Exclusive”, “special access”, and “behind the scenes look” are examples of buzz words that can be used to attract eyes to a live video stream. Any time you can broadcast a behind the scenes look at your business, consider it. Marketing does not always have to be slick. Sometimes, it’s just about being authentic and human. Hosting special behind the scenes live broadcasts can show a human side to things, maybe sharing the manufacturing floor, the warehouse, talking to employees, or showing an aspect of your business that maybe consumers have never considered before.

Creating Live Video Content

Every business in the world is competing with their media and marketing all in a bid to nab viewers. Creating content is not always the easiest. It can be hard to think up ideas and time-consuming to produce. Live video content should be about developing meaningful, consistent low-cost content. When it’s done right, it drives engagement, allowing viewers to interact with the broadcast and creating a sense of community among those who are fans of your business. Remember, people want to be involved. They want to participate in an interactive experience with your business so give them the opportunity to.

These are just the top 5 ways that businesses use live video streaming to boost their numbers. There are others. Be creative. Do your research on how similar and dissimilar businesses are using video to engage with consumers. The companies that have already taken advantage of live video streaming have done so with amazing results. There’s nothing stopping your business from doing the same. Keep reading into the subject and consult a marketing expert, if you require, to get a better sense of the opportunities that lay ahead through the use of this tool.

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