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Getting coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is key to improving the template, get letters and buy envelopes. So we explain all the methods

Get coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Envelopes are the key if you want to get letters, both players, contracts, etc. And envelopes can only be obtained in one way, by paying. Yes, you can pay with FIFA Points through cash, or you can get coins in the game, free.

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the free. In how to get coins based on playing and dedicate time, but without emptying the card. If you want to get an idea of the currencies that you are going to need or be clear about what they are for, here you can see:

And although we do not believe it happens, if after seeing all the options to not scratch your pockets, you decide that you prefer to pay and leave messes, here you can see how to buy FP.

In any case, you will see that there are no options:

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Play Matches

In every game we play, we will win coins, they will be more or less depending on several factors:

The most important thing is to win or lose, although there are more factors that influence the final amount of coins. Add possession, goals, corners, shots between the three clubs, etc, and subtract the outside of the game, goals conceded, fouls, cards etc. In any case, the key is to win and not so much nonsense. But if we lose and complete the game we will also win.

A couple of tricks or tips are:

  • Do not abandon : Do not play if for any reason you will not be able to finish. You will not win any coins if you leave, but what is much worse is that the dropout rate will influence our future earnings
  • Play against AI: It also gives coins and if for example, you play against TOTW it is very profitable.

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Divisions

Each promotion of division has a reward, and the higher the division, the better are all the rewards that we will receive.

So the sooner you start to climb the division, the better, and if you start now, that the game has just come out, it's much easier. It is full of Free FIFA 18 Coin Generator 2018 novices, and even people who can play but are a little lost.

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Tournaments

There are plenty of tournaments throughout the year, but if you are more or less comfortable, focus on those who give coins. We recommend that you do not lose sight of:

FIFA 18 Trailer

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Coach

The coach does not give you coins, but it will help you not to spend them. Do not fiction it to the crazy, notice that it is very important for chemistry. But do not delay your hiring too much, because when you arrive you will do it with contract letters under your arm. Contract letters are necessary, so before spending money on them, count on Free FIFA 18 Hack Coins the coach to give you a few.

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Sell players

You do not need more than 22 players in the template, two per position. So do not incur more expenses for salaries than necessary, and make cash with everything you get. You may not have to sell the first day, better wait to be clear about the type of equipment you want to make, but do not delay the decision too much.

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Sell consumables

The same as with the players, if the entire squad is physically fit you will not need more than two physical cards, and the same applies to the kit and the rest of things. We tend to be clear about what players we have left over, but many times we do not even notice that we have 20 physical cards that we do not use, and they are also worth their coins.

Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Tradear

Trading is almost a game in itself. It will take us a long time to understand prices well and to know when a letter is cheap or expensive. But if we dominate the trading market, we can win all the currencies we want.

We could summarize the types of trading in 2:

  • With discard: We know the sale price because it is the discard value, we just have to find a letter that is below. It's not usually easy, but they are safe currencies, so it's worth the search.
  • Without discarding: In this case, we will have to understand the market a little better. Because we no longer have to look at the value of discarding, but on how the price of a card fluctuates, and which makes it rise or fall in price. It is best to start dominating a few players.

And as for techniques to trade, there are a thousand each one has its own. Perhaps, the most recommendable to start is the Sniping . It consists of looking for purchases in "buy now" where we can make a profit of more than 200 coins.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the trading of consumables. People get rid of them almost without looking, and you can find plenty of bargains.

By the way, so that it does not catch you by surprise, EA Sports keeps 5% of each trade.

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