How to Choose the Right Yoga Studio

Posted by Bernadette Newton on October 29th, 2017


A lot of people these days practice yoga in the comfort of their houses using online video tutorials and blogs. It is highly recommended to seek instruction from a yoga instructor, to prevent bad habits forming in your yoga poses. Bad habits can cause bad muscle strains that can cause severe pain and long-term damage.
All yoga studios Brisbane are different, but a yoga studio is generally a place where individuals can receive proper instruction from the teachers.

So how do you decide which yoga studio is best? Here are three simple points to keep in mind while you go yoga studio hunting.

Price and Location

While this may seem like such an obvious point to note, it is important to think about the price and the location of the yoga studio. If the price point is too high and the location is a far from your home or office, you’ll end up shelling out money not just on the yoga classes but also on the travel. If the location is inconvenient, travelling everyday could be a hassle.

Good Instructors

The yoga instructors need to be professionals who are not just approachable but also understanding and composed. The instructors also need to be trained in handling special cases such as previous injuries, fractures etc.

Attendance and Community

The yoga studio need not be extremely packed every day and every class. However, it is important to note the number of people going in and out. This shows how good or bad a studio is. A good community vibe is also important in yoga studios Brisbane because practicing yoga in a group needs to be relaxing.

Once you’ve finalized on a yoga studio, ensure you fix a proper schedule in place so that you have a fixed yoga routine. An extra tip – always inform your instructor about any new injuries.

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