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Posted by juliabennet on August 17th, 2011

A common question asked when taking on a task like house painting is, “Should I do it myself, or just hire a professional?”. Actually, if you do not mind the bumps, cracks, and blotches in your work, or just looking to get some paint on the walls and ceiling, doing the painting yourself might be a better solution. However, if you live in New York, shoddy work is hardly accepted, unless it is a garage that you are painting. As such, for a NY residential painting project, the job is often best left in the hands of the professionals. After all, residential painters NY are often more experienced in this field and will naturally deliver a better and faster job than if you do the house painting yourself.
For many house owners though, they find the rates of many residential painters NY just a bit expensive. This is particularly true for people who do not have their own homes but are only renting an apartment which unfortunately needs a major paint job. In such case, most often with a tight budged, residential painting in NY house becomes more of a do-it-yourself task. Just buy a can of paint, roll and handle with stick, one or two paint brushes, some old newspapers so you don’t completely mess-up the floors and start painting.

The problem with this kind of set-up is the type of result that you will most likely get. If you have had no house painting experience prior to the one that you are attempting to accomplish, there is very little chance that you will get the job done the right way. If you are the perfectionist type, you will most definitely hate those ugly roller or brush marks that tend to stick out when the paint dries. Quite naturally, you will tend to re-do the job, in the hope that the second attempt at house painting will have better results.

This will obviously require extra time and effort, something that you cannot afford to give if you are living in New York’s busy life, a city where everything happens very fast and very hard to find free time. Hence, your next best option is to allow local residential painters NY contractors to visit the place, give a free estimate, compare their prices and let them take over. Of course, this will mean spending a little extra from your hard-earned money to pay the painting contractor.

Still, if you really think about it, the costs involved when your residential painting NY project is done by the experts is only felt in the short-term. Yet, if you stop and think in terms of the long haul, the money you spent was worth it because you were able to do something better with your precious time, and now you have the piece of mind to enjoy the results. The paint job was done by a professional, so it would be safe to assume that a certain degree of durability in the work exists which can last for several years.

In New York, practically everything is done quite fast. Still, good residential painting contractors NY do not necessarily work that way. Many of them may charge rather high, but in return, they are known to turn in quality work, which is not necessarily measured in terms of speed. Manhattan is known for it’s high demand for top quality residential painting NY contractors. The residential painting prices in NYC are slightly higher than the prices paid in other New York areas like Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut or Staten Island.

Have you ever thought of residential painting NY for your New York home? You can find residential painters NY readily available by searching online.


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