Why Women NGOs Are Necessary?

Posted by narisewasamiti on October 30th, 2017

NGOs play a play imperative role in the empowerment of women. They adopt multiple strategies to improve the condition of the women. NGOs aim towards training women in various aspects to make them to come out of their inhibitions and to involve in fruitful activity. NGOs these days occupy an important place in India. Non-Governmental organizations for women are legally constituted bodies created by private organizations or people with no participation or representation of any government. The main of all the women NGOs is to improve the quality of life of women and help them achieve a significant place in the society.

These reputed women NGO stimulate civic consciousness, mobilize people and ensure the effective participation, and raise internal and external resources for the benefit of the weaker section. NGOs are making use of variety of strategies to promote women empowerment.

The major role played by the NGOs with regard to women empowerment is as follows.

Helps in the Formation of Self Help Groups: These days many NGOs help in forming self-help groups. The effective functioning of SHGs mainly depends upon the strong dedication by the NGOs. Various NGOs have been taking strong stands to meet the demands and brought necessary changes in the field of women Empowerment through SHGs. 

It is also due to the fact that it is difficult for the government organizations to reach out the grass root level. Therefore, a large number of NGOs have been establishing and have lightened the burden on the Government by rendering dedicated performance towards the aspirants. These self-help groups are the channels to implement various women empowerment activities. This is why NGOs are one of the potential agencies for women empowerment and to form the self-help groups.

Supports Self Help Groups: Apart from forming certain self-help groups, the NGOs also support a few SHGs. The field task need to be trained on the procedures and the technicalities involved in the functioning of the SHG. The SHGs need continuous monitoring and evaluation. All the members of the SHG should be trained with regard to maintenance of the documents, communications, decision-making process, implementation of decisions etc., NGOs are reliable sources that can arrange and conduct the training program more efficiently than by any other agencies due to their continuous interaction and involvement at the grass root level.

Mobilizing Resources: NGOs are agencies that can help in identifying the needs of women and designing projects for the welfare of the disadvantaged sections of the society. They mobilize both internal and external resources. The experiences of many NGOs show that they could organize resources for the benefit of women both from the country and outside.

There are various ways in which you can help in the empowerment of women such as by supporting a credible NGO for women so that women can realise their importance in the society and achieve goals. Search online to find an NGO you can support.

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