How to Protect Pedestrians from Construction Site Debris

Posted by nescaffold on October 30th, 2017

Many times, pedestrians have sustained injuries caused by falling debris from construction sites. In other incidences, people have wandered into construction sites, exposing themselves and construction workers to various risks. It therefore becomes important for construction companies to implement various ways of protecting construction sites as well as passersby from any incidents.

When it comes to dealing with the public and construction sites, there are different approaches to containment. The first is to keep people safe and the other is to keep intruders out. When securing the construction site, there are simple ways in which you can make this happen. Thankfully, modern developments have transformed the containment and protective solutions into attractive features that are not an eyesore.


A mesh fence provides an attractive way of protecting the public and the construction site. It allows you to create a clear boundary of the construction site. It also creates a perimeter around which the public cannot cross over to interfere with the construction or to be open to accidents. The fence allows you to place gates where you want.

This option is great as it helps you monitor who is able to access the site. It reduces loss of material and equipment from the construction site, which can be an easy target for thieves. The fence restricts access to the construction site and easily creates a safe zone.

Sidewalk protection

When the construction is near a busy sidewalk, it pays to consider the people walking underneath the structure under construction. Even if you have a swing stage suspended off the building, having a sidewalk protection set up allows you to capture any debris that falls from the building site. This netting protects anyone walking beneath from any accident.

The sidewalk protection also makes pedestrians aware of the construction taking place and take precautions when walking by. It also protects the sidewalk from unnecessary damage. Debris is also easily contained and is not strewn all over the sidewalk. This makes cleanup easy for all concerned. It also gives the surrounding a clean look despite the presence of the messy construction site.

Debris containment

Speaking of debris, the construction site can be a place of high dust pollution. Thankfully, your company can utilize various debris containment solutions that allow you to control the environment. A well-covered construction site will protect the people and the environment in the surrounding area from debris and dust particles that can affect them. You can use debris netting, scaffold tarps as well as wrapping to help you contain the debris better. A debris chute makes the cleanup and containment even easier.

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