More and more cartier ring replica material is used for precious metals

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 30th, 2017

Fashionable diversification, so that more and more precious metals joined the ranks of the cartier ring price fake material, platinum, gold, K platinum, rose gold, palladium, titanium, recycled metal and so are common copy love ring cartier material, and more so that consumers A little silly is not clear, then, what kind of material is the cartier ring love fake? Which material is good?

The white gold is a rare natural white metal, with its strong and purely famous. Advantages: The high density of platinum gives it unusually strong, which means it can protect and fix diamonds or other precious stones. And it is naturally resistant, wear sensitive skin and no problem. When the platinum is scratched (all the metal will be scratched), it only produces a metal displacement, does not lose the quality. So your imitation cartier love ring gold can resist the erosion of years. In addition, because it is pure white metal, so it will not cast any color to the center gem.

Gold: This natural yellow metal is usually blended with different metals to get extra hardness – it usually has 70-75% purity. So the gemstones above it will show an iridescence, including white, green and pink. Rose gold: this pink tone of the metal is made of gold and copper alloy. The more copper alloys are added, the more rugged the roses are. Advantages: why people are particularly fond of rose gold fake cartier ring love, one of the reasons is its potential significance. White K gold on behalf of friendship, gold on behalf of loyalty, and rose gold on behalf of love. In addition, it is very strong, and accompanied by a variety of different skin color are very nice.

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