Cartier platinum bracelet price cartier platinum bracelet how to maintain

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 30th, 2017

copy white gold cartier bracelet maintenance methods are the following:
First, do not put platinum bracelets together with other jewelry in the drawer or jewelry box, to avoid platinum bracelet scratches.
Second, in daily life, do not put white gold cartier love bracelet fake and cartier yellow gold bracelet worn on the same wrist, because the friction between the gold powder will be attached to the platinum surface, so that platinum bracelet local yellow.
Third, the chemical properties of palladium is not as stable as platinum, easier to oxidize, wear brown content of low platinum (less than 85% platinum) cartier bracelet replica, it is best not to often and acid and all kinds of cosmetics in direct contact, once Contact should immediately rinse with water to prevent discoloration.
Fourth, in order to avoid platinum bracelet deformation, in the transport of heavy objects is best not to wear. When you do housework, do not let the cartier love bangle replica platinum when wearing stains or bleach, oil will affect the platinum bracelet luster; bleach will make platinum bracelet spots.

Fifth, if the replica cartier white gold love bracelet for a long time, the surface darkened or local discoloration, you can polish. The specific method is: the toothpaste squeezed on the towel, hand holding the platinum bracelet on its back and forth friction, rub to the surface fine lines and dirt, with diluted detergent after cleaning, and then rinse with water, color You can recover.

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