Testone?s High Speed Impact & Repeated Impact Testing machine Overview

Posted by Testone on October 31st, 2017

Testone a patent testing machine manufacturing company in South Korea. Our testing machines are designed to deliver greater stiffness and precise alignment for testing everything from medical devices to high-strength composites.

High-Speed Impact Testing Machine

Model: TO-HDI

This tester is to assess the interior of external components to reduce the injury of a passenger during a vehicle collision.

It is easy data analysis and management of the high speed testing machine and applying program use to the Gas N 2.

Hit points and the driving angle are designed to easy handling.


  • Impact speed - 24.1 km/hr ±0.6 km/hr
  • Impact parts (round) - Weight: 6.8 kg / Size: Diameter 165 mm / Material: AL6061
  • Impact angle - 0 ~ 90˚
  • Test methods - Shockproof test
  • Test speed - 80 g
  • Pressure - N2 or Air
  • X, Z Stage - Remote Control
  • Software - Motion set-up & control, Data analyze, Save, Print.
  • Power - 220 V 3 P or 380 V 3 P
  • Weight - Approx. 3 ton

Repeated Impact Testing Machine

Model: TO-RI-500

The tester is to the evaluation of the impact properties of the product was added to repeated impact.

Testing to be dropping weight and height setting of the free-fall and secured the durability to repeated high speed impacts.

Software is easy to apply data analysis and management.


  • Impact Energy - Impact Energy: 10~500Nm
  • Speed - 1~15cpm
  • Cycle - 5000 Cycle
  • Data category - Energy, Speed, Cycle
  • Computer Auto Control - Stoke, Cycle, Speed
  • Manual Control - Weight (Dis-adhesion)
  • Computer - Rack case (industrial)
  • Safety Device -PC door, side case, Limit programing (for specimen destruction of impact position)
  • Type - Servo Motor 1.5kw
  • Stoke (mm) - 100~600
  • Stroke Resolution - 0.01mm
  • Guide Shaft type - LM Guide
  • Impact weights - 0kgX4EA / 5kgX1EA / 1kg 5EA
  • Safety for weight - Pin Type
  • Weight Holding - Magnetic
  • Weight Lifting - Servo motor/ Magnetic rise method after main axle driving

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