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Posted by juliabennet on August 22nd, 2011

Steam cleaners are helpful in cleaning anything by enforcing steam onto the surface. The user can select the pressure level or temperature of steam depending on what surface it will be applied to. There is no use of chemicals for cleaning with steam cleaners. A steam cleaner can work very fast and effectively. Besides cleaning, it also kills all the disease causing micro-organisms. Blenders are also an integral part of the kitchen as it serves the purposes of many kitchen appliances single handedly, for example a food processor, juicer, a coffee maker etc.

Steam cleaners are able to work on different types of surface. But some surfaces that may not tolerate the high pressure and temperature caused by the appliance should be kept away from this. The latest models of steam cleaners contain an output temperature of about 360°F and the pressure level for up to 150 psi. The surfaces that are holding cloth or paper are not good for steam cleaners. So before you apply steam cleaners on any surface you should see whether the surface is heat sensitive.

The steam cleaners can be categorized based on their function and on the surface that they will be performing on. There are floor steam cleaners, vapor steam cleaners, tile and grout steam cleaners, industrial steam cleaners, vacuum steam cleaners etc. Generally these cleaners have a tank where you need to pour water which starts boiling when you put the machine on. This is a bit problematic as when all the water is boiled in the tank you may have to refill it again and wait for it to get heated. This is quite a time taking process.

Thankfully the latest models of steam cleaners do not have that problem. They are blessed with constant refilling technology. They contain two separate tanks- one for boiling and the other one for refilling water. As soon as you pour water in the refill tank, it is transferred into the boiling tank automatically in a more systematic way. So even the machine is at work, you can refill the tank.

Steam cleaners are a better option than vacuum cleaning as they kill off dust mites too. The fact that it can remove oil and grease or any mess quickly sets it apart from its other contemporaries. Steam cleaners do not damage your floor. There is no use of chemicals which proves that it is safe for the children too. Mopping floors is quite risky as it makes the floor slippery thus causing hazardous accidents. Usage of a steam cleaner is absolutely safe and that’s why it is being used in many medical devices in hospitals. The technology of steam cleansing is so advanced that it can even clean the interiors of a car without less difficulty. Besides it does not create any skin irritation which might have initiated due to chemicals.

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