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Adult dancing has become quite popular, not only in Canada, but in practically every known part of the world. More commonly referred to as ballroom dancing, adult dances may have initially started out as a hobby for middle-aged people and in some cases, senior citizens. In time, however, this dancing format has become an extremely popular type of dance for all ages throughout the world. Adult dance classes in Toronto have taken this particular mission to heart, and that is why in its many sessions, the lessons they give vary a great deal, depending on the goal and interest level of the students. Swing dance lessons in Toronto, meanwhile, are geared for those who took dancing more as a pastime rather than anything else.

Adult dance classes in Toronto are primarily composed of students who can be categorized into two broad types. The first group consists of people who aspire to become good social dancers. Their aim is to express themselves effectively through dance; thus, increasing dancers’ social lives. The second group is composed of people who have an interest in international competitions. In particular, they see themselves as future professional ballroom dancers participating and perhaps even winning in various dancing events.

Regardless of the group you may belong to, there will always be a spot waiting for you in these ballroom classes. Adult dance classes in Toronto are particularly keen in helping you become a proficient dancer, be it as a mere hobby or to be used in serious dance contests. This is basically achieved through a systematic process which involves knowledge, repetition and application.

On the other hand, if you see dancing simply as something with which you can wisely spend your leisure hours, there is one other option that you can take. Swing dance lessons in Toronto should be able to effectively address this particular interest. Generally aimed at helping you have a good and fun time at dancing, these lessons expose students to a variety of dance music that has been with us for close to ninety years.

Swing dance lessons in Toronto still adhere to the fundamentals associated with the dance. In general though, there is that carefree atmosphere that prevails, which should explain the choice of swing as a dance format. Simply put, once you are in the swing groove, it can be quite contagious. One can readily sense this in many Toronto dance classes as that buoyant attitude is brought to the fore while the popular swing music that began in the mid ‘30s reverberates in the background.

Wherever you may be in Toronto, be it in Downtown Toronto (Yorkville), in North York/Scarborough, in Vaughan (Woodbridge), or in Etobicoke (The Kingsway), there is no shortage of classes offering adult and swing lessons. Adult dance classes in Toronto are always available here catering to your unique dancing interests. Swing dance lessons in Toronto, meanwhile, are offered in much the same way just in case your dancing goal is simply to hone your skills and have a grand time while on the dance floor.

With four locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, there’s always a location nearby:


Arthur Murray Dance Studio

3054 Bloor Street W, Toronto, ON M8X 1C4, Canada

+1 416-239-8149


Arthur Murray Dance Studio 

70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9, Canada

+1 416-479-0656

North York:

Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio 

Suite 7-27 Rean Dr, Toronto, ON M2K 0A6, Canada

+1 416-479-4225


Arthur Murray Dance Studio 

180 Winges Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C6, Canada

+1 905-850-0313

For dance fanatics who want to learn serious adult dancing, Adult dance classes in Toronto offers you several great lessons while Swing dance lessons in Toronto is geared for those who simply want to have fun dancing.

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