How the Soccer Betting System Influences the Best Free Picks

Posted by AngeloEverton on August 23rd, 2011

 Soccer betting is considered to be the most common sports betting activity in European nations. There are various betting types majorly seen in soccer betting that in turn directs the best free picks. These are over/under totals bet, bets on the final outcome of the game, first half and second half bet, and also bet on wager played by the majority of the bettors to identify the soccer best free picks.

The soccer best free picks are largely influenced by the betting system used in this category. One of the most significant rules of betting in soccer which the bettor has to follow is that the score at the end of the regulation time will be termed as final. This signifies that even if the team betted upon scores higher in the penalty time or injury time and scores were 1-1 in the regulation time, the game will be treated as a draw and the bettor will lose if not bet on a wager.

To be illustrated, suppose in a game between Liverpool and Sunderland you bet $20 on Liverpool having betting odds of 2.3. Presuming that the game has 3.1 chances to be draw when Sunderland has betting odds of 2.6, it is apparent that you will win $46 if Liverpool wins and accordingly win $62 if the game is a draw and $52 if bet on Sunderland. So, your best free picks will depend on the winning chances of the team as well as on the betting odds.

Thus, your best free picks depend largely on the system through which soccer betting is played. Based on the system you, can define your soccer best free picks that would reward you with better chances to boost up your income. For instance, the total amount of your soccer best free picks can be divided among the different types of bets in the soccer betting system such as on wager, final score, first half and second half. This will secure your winning chances to an extent and also increase the amount that you were likely to win by betting on either type. You can get some returns with this approach.

For example, if you bet $10 on final score, $10 on wager and $5 on first half and second half making a total bet of $30 on Liverpool with the betting odds of 2.3 and 3.1 chances to be a draw. Now, if Liverpool loses in the first half scoring less than its challenger team you will lose $5. If the team scores high in the second half you can win $7 and if the match is a wager you will win $31. So you will win a total of $38 when the game is a draw. However, if the game is not a draw and Liverpool wins, you will earn $30 from the betting. Apparently, the odds have a significant role in influencing the total winning amount in soccer betting and thus it should be evaluated continuously while making your best free picks.

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