Battery Load Bank to Test the Capacity of Power Supplies

Posted by junxypowersolutions on November 1st, 2017

In the power systems, an essential component is the battery packs relating to the supply of power to telecommunication industry. It ensures stability and continuity of the supply under different operating conditions. Use of the batteries is common for security and safety when an uninterrupted supply of power is required even in case of the failure of the mains. You will find such requirements in oil offshore platforms, data centres, hospitals, and the industries with continuous processes. Emergency lights systems also require this kind of uninterrupted power supply. The function of the battery Load bank is to test the capability of the power system and make sure that it will not fail at the most inopportune moments.

It is not possible to get the real picture of the capacity and health of the battery through battery performance static measurement as impedance or no-load voltage. For this reason, load testing off-line is quite crucial and finds importance in most maintenance and installation programs. When no operational record is available or the battery has reached the last phases of operational lives, it is a good idea to conduct discharge test, simple process involving the use of load bank. This gives you unambiguous evidence related to the condition of the battery.

If replacement is an immediate requirement, you will also know about this as well following the tests. The AC load bank offers unmatched capacity and rugged durability. These remain self-contained, the smaller ones are portable, and you can carry them on-site for load testing. It is possible to use them in inclement testing environments. This type of tests provides an analysis of predictive failure related to power backup systems for every industry. It also comes with loads of optional features that one can customise as per the specific requirements. Complete customisation of the load bank makes it useful for all types of applications.

You can use these for testing generator sets, power inverters and the aircraft, UPS units, and other types of alternating current power sources. For the continuous load, might fail standard models are available designed for the commonest applications in different industries. It contains durable and standard finishing, durable, lightweight with quick connection options for the test cables. The units are highly user-friendly with the required safety features for worry free applications. In general, the use of the AC load bank is for indoor scenarios only. Besides that, you do not have to maintain them on a regular basis and this makes one additional worry less for the users.

The load bank will test the generator and the UPS under the load conditions and most often, their use is during the preventive maintenance schedules. It is also possible to use the test for ascertaining the conditions related to battery sets and UPS batteries to identify individual cells that are approaching end of working life. One can identify the individual cells that do not hold the charge anymore or is on the brink of failure. For critical applications, this is quite important because now it will be possible to replace them well in advance.

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