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Posted by HelenaNelson on November 1st, 2017

Australia, whose full and formal name is - Commonwealth of Australia, is the home for a lot of beautiful attractions and views. Although you may know lots of things about Australia, you may not know its government system. Actually, this will be your government directory for Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia has a two government systems at the same time, constitutional monarchy and representative democracy.

In the constitutional monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II is head of state. Yes, you are right, she is the same queen who lives in England. Actually, she is the queen of 16 countries including Jamaica, Pakistan, and New Zealand.

The Commonwealth of Australia is actually a federal government in which a central government and states share the power. There are six individual states in Australia. Here in this government directory Australia, we are going to talk about its government system. It consists of the Australian Government, State Government, and Local Government.

  • Australian Government: Australian government is responsible for carrying out national and international affairs. The government in Australia has three arms. The first one is Australian parliament, which consists of two groups and the Queen. Those groups are the House of Representatives and the Senate. The parliament is responsible for discussing and passing new laws. The second arm is the Australian Government, which acts as the executioner of laws established by the parliament. Also, some members of the parliament have responsibilities in certain areas in the government. They are called ministers. The third one is the judiciary, which is in charge of upholding the laws. The judiciary also controls the other two arms if they are acting within their power limits or not
  • State and Territory Government: There are six states and ten territories in Australia. Territory refers to an area that is not claimed by any of the six states. They might be either under the Australian government authority or self-government. On the other hand, the state governments have freedom in their internal affairs and they have their own constitutions, though they are subject to the national constitution too. Also, they have a structure of parliament, government, and the judiciary. There are hospitals, prisons, roads, schools, and public transportation among important responsibilities of the State and domain governments
  • Local Government: The states and territories are also divided into small areas. These areas are governed by local governments. They are subject to the states and territories, and they have the authority defined and determined by them. They are responsible for the needs of community like public transportation and waste collection.

Where to Find More Detail?

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