What Cyber Threat Intelligence Actually Means in Today?s World?

Posted by ricky26 on November 1st, 2017

Cyber security is no new term for any of us. Even the biggest of organizations making billions of dollars turnover, employing high salaried diligent work force and deploying high-end IT security infrastructure become the victim of cyber attacks. We live in an era where it is obvious to know that if an organization wants to provide secure IT services and platform to their users then they must take essential steps towards ensuring that they do not end up being a victim of any kind of cyber attacks. For more information, visit http://www.siberistihbarat.com/.

Some of the actionable steps such as encrypting portable drives and workstations, implementation of password management systems for their users, regular security checks and analysis of wireless networks, implementing auditable and secure solutions for remote access, carrying out configuration review for security solutions already existing , etc. are some of the ways that should be implemented, but often many organizations do not do so since they lack right guidance or may even run out of budget. But does that mean to just sit idle and wait for the cyber attacks to happen? Certainly not, and that is when cyber security intelligence or cyber threat intelligence comes into picture.

Cyber threat intelligence is a team of IT security professionals undertaking a project of an organization to protect its infrastructure and intellectual property. It means protecting any cyber related information that is vulnerable. Such professional assistance provides clients with all sorts of information related to cyber threat and helps in identifying these possible threats. Cyber threat intelligence has proved to be beneficial for many IT industries and even government firms. It provides a deeper insight into cyber threats and also offers guidance and support for the particular incident.

Cyber threat intelligence platforms are designed to provide a reliable, interpretable, immediately actionable and associable data and information to its users. This platform is incorporated by several industries including e-commerce, telecommunication, banking, energy, public and private organizations and in many information security and information technology units.

If you are also an organization operating in any of these above mentioned domains and wish to secure yourself from any of the cyber threats then USTA (National Cyber Threat Network) is the perfect platform for you.

USTA (National Cyber Threat Network) is a research and development project which started in 2012 and has been approved by Technopark Istanbul. The methods, techniques and tools that are used by cybercriminals to operate are determined under this project, after which, the obtained intelligence is sent to the concerned organization or institution with the help of this platform. USTA (National Cyber Threat Network) is the best intelligence platform in Turkey and has achieved several awards and accolades including the “Best Security Product Of The Year” award in the year 2015.

About USTA (National Cyber Threat Network):

USTA (National Cyber Threat Network) is a platform providing cyber intelligence (Siber İstihbarat) services and solutions for firms against cyber threats. Their modules consist of cyber intelligence module, brand protection module and anti fraud module.

For more information about USTA, please visit Siberistihbarat.com.

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