Some E-Cigarette Facts Maybe You Don't Know

Posted by David Harper on November 1st, 2017

Smoking is a habit that most people know is killing them, but still can’t get out of its clutches. Everyone who is trying to stop smoking finds that their efforts are often not that effective because of the power of the addiction that you have when you are a regular smoker of conventional cigarettes. As you are probably aware a solution has been introduced that can solve the issue to some extent are electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are often seen as an excellent alternative to regular smoking, but there are several facts you should know before attempting to stop smoking using these devices.

Some E-Cigarette Facts Maybe You Don't Know

  • They are an excellent option to quit smoking

Many think that e-cigarettes are there for helping people who want to quit smoking and the truth is that e-cigs have been found to be the most effective method to help you in your pursuit to stop smoking for once and all. Many studies have shown positive results in that sense as well. Over half of UK e-cig users have totally given up smoking according to Action on Smoking and Health. You have to understand that e cigarette comes as out the best alternative to regular smoking mainly because it’s 95% less harmful; according to the UK government research by Public Health England. The best thing is that you are not getting exposed to tobacco use when you prefer e-cigarette over regular smoking. That’s a great advantage when because tobacco causes many serious health issues including cancer.

  • The e-liquids contain Nicotine

Whenever we think about smoking, the first thing comes to our mind is that the dangerous substance called Nicotine. But don’t think that e-cigarettes are free from it.  You are still going to inhale Nicotine when you use e-liquids. But it’s up to you to choose whether you use Nicotine contained e-juices or not. E-liquids are available with zero level Nicotine to higher levels of it. So, if you choose wisely, the health advantages will follow.

  • E-cigarettes are not free from explosion

You have to take extra care when you plan to give it a try. There are many incidents reported where the users got injured due to an explosion while using e-cigarettes. It’s a battery-powered device, and it was entitled to show some dangers that correlated to any other battery-powered devices. So, it’s great advice from the experts that you must buy high-quality devices and ensure yourself safe from any possible battery explosion injuries.

  • They are an affordable option

You are into save a lot of your valuable income if you make it the decision to move from conventional smoking to e-cigarettes. You have to spend a large amount every month to purchase regular cigarettes while the e-cigarettes will cost you a mere fraction of that money to smoke for a whole month. In fact, it’s a huge saving option for you in the long run.

  • They help you improve social interaction

E-cigarettes do not have that kind of thick smelly tobacco smoke which often gets people start to hate smokers. The vapor comes out of an e-cigarette will last a few seconds in the air and disappear quickly. It will have that great smell of chosen flavor while the regular cigarettes pollute the air of all of the people around you. Using e-cigarettes means that people will stop avoiding you and maybe you’ll become more popular!

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