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The Dos And Donots Of Lip Fillers

Posted by DavidHarley on November 1st, 2017

Lip Augmentation:

At first, it was AngelinaJolie’svoluptuous full lips that everybody wanted to emulate when the actress was at the peak of her popularity. The trend has still not ended; now that the famous reality star and model, Kylie Jenner, has admitted to having lip enhancing treatments the treatment is in the rage again. She has more than 40 million followers on Instagram alone and recently remains in headlines due to her feature enhancing surgeries. She’s one of the most famous personalities right now, and people want to copy her signature full lips.

So, what are the reasons that people want to go for the lip enhancement treatments? As we grow old our lips are the first organs to show the signs of ageing.They lose their volume, and as a result, vertical lines appear on them.People go for filler treatmenttoget the lip volume back because it is associated with youth. Secondly, because of the celebrities, full lips are trending right now. People want to follow the fashion trends to stay on top among their peers; this is another reason for opting for lip filler treatments. Thirdly, getting filler treatment is very easy. It is less expensive than the surgical alternatives, almost painless, gives similar results and requires no downtime. Before the invention of modern dermal fillers, fat transfer and silicon were the only optionsas the fillers. These substances had their own share of side effects and mishaps. Current fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane, are made up of hyaluronicacid, and they are smooth, have no side effects since they are made up of natural sugars, absorb efficiently into the body. Also, the HA fillers are reversible, the overfilling can be turned back into the original position by injecting with hyaluronidase enzyme. It will breakdown the hyaluronic acid, which will then be absorbed into the body.  Lastly, the filler treatment is far more affordable than surgical therapies. Now you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give a boost to your confidence. The only, downside of the treatment is its maintenance; as the fillers get absorb into the body after breaking down naturally, they have to be reinjected after the period of four to six months.

Lip job Don’ts:

1.    Before the treatment, don't use any aspirin, NSAID, or any other form of painkiller. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and consuming coffee at least 2 days before undergoing the treatment.

2.    After the treatment,don’t massage your lips, you may reduce the volume by pressing the filler.

3.    Don't schedule your lip treatment right before any event, your lips may swell and bruise a bit because they are very vascular and sensitive part of your body. You don’t want to attend an event looking bruised up and swelled.

4.    Don't have unrealistic expectations while going for a filler treatment, something which suited Kylie Jenner might not look good on your face, ask your doctor to give you the best possible results according to your facial features.

5.    Don't expect your filler to be a permanent treatment. Ideally, it should remain in place for about 8 months. The time period depends upon your metabolism and your level of fat as well.

6.    Don'texercise for at least 24 hours after the treatment. It will increase the blood flow which will escalate the selling and the bruising.

After the treatment, sleep with your head propped up on pillows for about 2 nights, though it will be a bit comfortable it will help in swelling reduction. Lip filler treatment is one of the most famous cosmetic procedure in the UK, and that’s why doctors from every speciality are booking courses for lip masterclasses. They want to add lip job in their portfolio to increase their earnings and enhance their skill set. For more information on lips masterclass click on this link: ( )

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