How they make the Buffalo mozzarella ?

Posted by adairsawyer on August 26th, 2011

If you are a big fan of cheese , nothing will seem more tempting for you to try out cheeses from different parts of the world and if freshness matters to you , buffalo mozzarella will definitely rank very high in your list of favourite cheeses !

However much you must have enjoyed having your buffalo mozzarella , have you paused to ask yourself what is it that makes buffalo mozzarella so very special ? What is it that this special delicacy from Italy offers that make it stand out from the rest ?

If you still haven’t , then you will definitely find it interesting to know what happens behind the scenes of producing this cheese. As you might be already aware that it is a natural product without any preservatives. This enables the buffalo mozzarella to inherit and retain the freshness and the high nutritional value that it offers.

This special cheese is manufactured using traditional techniques which have stood the test of times and haven’t undergone much change over the years. It all starts with curdling the milk and draining out all the whey . The curd is then divided into small portions and ground up in sort of a primitive mill. The next phase of the manufacturing process includes the boiling of this curd portions in hot water to eliminate all  the crumbles. This is then filled in a mould where it is stirred with care  till it achieves a rubbery texture.

The next phase of the production requires very special skills that has been passed along the generations of the producers-giving this cheese its touch of tradition and uniqueness. The curd portions are kneaded till they become a smooth paste . The beauty of the process is that it is carried out entirely by hand by skilled producers rather than machines.

The strands of these kneaded cheese are then pulled off to form the mozzarella. The portions of the  mozzarella cheese are then soaked in cold water , followed by a soaking process in brine enabling the cheese to absorb the optimal amount of salt.

This special and very unique processing technique gives the buffalo mozzarella its unique texture – fibrous and elastic as opposed to soft and mushy , a texture more conventionally associated with cheese. In fact, the texture of the perfect buffalo mozzarella should neither be too soft not too rubbery -but should be just perfect to  melt in your mouth !

If the incredible story of manufacturing the  buffalo mozzarella , has got your taste buds watering , you should be also keen to know where from you can buy this very traditional Italian produce. If you are not living in the core area of production of buffalo mozzarella in Italy , the best place for you to source this special cheese is through the online channels. Apart from the supermarkets , there are a number of online Italian delis who offer buffalo mozzarella through their online platforms. So now you even know , where to source this special cheese from.

But , along with ensuring that you buy the buffalo mozzarella from an authentic channel , one which sources it directly Italy , you should also make sure that it reaches you as soon as possible from the time it gets produced – after all the buffalo mozzarella is most enjoyed only when it is eaten in the freshest state possible !

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