Email Marketing Part - III

Posted by kexconsulting on November 2nd, 2017

Email marketing, at is core, is simply leveraging email in order to market directly to customers and potential customers. With this in mind it could be said than each and every email sent to a customer or potential customer falls under email marketing.

Typically email marketing uses creative emails (or simply text emails) to solicit a response from the recipient. It can be used to stay in contact with customers through something like a monthly email newsletter or to create new customers by presenting special deals of offers. Email marketing is also very effective in building brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Email marketing is usually done by sending a large volume of emails to a designated list. This can be a customer list or an outside list purchased strictly for the purpose of generating new leads or sales.

Email marketing, like many marketing activities conducted online, can be tracked in real time. Once a campaign is created and launched you can easily see metrics such as opens, click throughs and other actions in order to evaluate the overall success of the email campaign. In addition, when compared to other traditional marketing options, email marketing can be significantly less expensive and cost effective (direct mail can be drastically more expensive than email campaigns). Plus today over half of ALL Americans check their email at least once a day, therefore you message usually ends up in front of the desired audience.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing approach that is made up of two parties: affiliates (or publishers) and marketers (or advertisers). Marketers or advertisers are those with a product or service they wish to market or distribute while the affiliates or publishers are the part responsible for the marketing activities which lead to leads and sales. Affiliat marketing is a performance-based marketing tatic that compensates or rewards the affiliates for traffic, leads or conversions that occur as direct result from marketing efforts they have made on behalf of the marketer. Most affiliates are typically part of an affiliate network that includes a number of affiliates and publishers that are experienced in marekting certain types of products and services.

Affiliate marketing overlaps with many other internet marketing tactics such as search engin optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email marketing, content and blog marketing and just about any other internet marketing method. While often overlooked, affiliate marketing can greatly increase site traffic, leads, conversions and revenue. However one must be cautious when entering the affiliate marketing world as there are just as many pitfalls as opportunities.

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