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Posted by steve7876 on November 2nd, 2017

Our experts at have taken the time to analyze, review, and test a hundreds of liquor and wine decanters in order to offer better information to fellow consumers. This has allowed us to find, rate and compare the best decanters available. is a panel of seven trusted experts. We each independently review every decanter on our website. Using our own personal opinions we critique and grade each decanter. Then we combine and average all of the results to create a cumulative score that we call the BD SCORE. Using the BD SCORE the consumer can make meaningful comparisons.

Our reviewers have a keen eye for quality and rigorously test each decanter to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. At we make sorting decanters into various categories a breeze. You can find which decanters we have rated the best based on the price you are looking to spend, the type of gift you are looking to buy or the type of liquor that you like.

In addition to our sorting parameters we provide pricing information, star ratings, percentage-based rankings, positive and negative quotes pulled from customer reviews and our own personal pros and cons list.

In our “Product Ratings” section you can see a percentage based rating system to show you how well the decanter stacks up against the competition. We grade this on a variety of factors including the design, function and uniqueness of the decanter.

In our “Customer Quotes” section of each review you can read some of the positive and negative quotes that we have pulled from customer reviews. These quotes are helpful snippets pulled directly from customer reviews to provide an accurate outlook of the product.

In our “Pros and Cons” section we briefly list some of the aspects that we consider positive and negative about the product. This section can be used to quickly get a grasp of what is good and bad about the product in a snapshot.

In our “Review Panel Score Breakdown” we list the star ratings for a variety of categories in which we critique the products. These categories Decanter for Christmas Gift include how eye-catching the product is, the size of the product and how practical the product is to use daily. These ratings are averaged to averaged to create the overall star rating, which is found as the “Author Ratings” star rating, which is found in the snapshot of every decanter reviewed on our site.

Overall is a great place to find reviews of the best liquor decanters on the market. Our goal is to provide consumers with better information so that they can accurately compare decanters before buying them. We are your #1 Site For Liquor and Wine Decanter Reviews. Be informed before you buy! We Review Decanters So You Don’t Have To.

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