Patches Turn Out To Be Posh & Pretty- Patchwork Hide Rugs

Posted by Jessica Beak on November 3rd, 2017

Everyone dreams to have an abode that reflects a picture perfect, elegant look. Not only your house but certainly you would love to work in a place which is systematically designed and resonates the tastes of your employer. You can buy or build a mansion like home but if you do decorate it as per its vastness and exuberance, then it would remain shabby, no matter how much bucks you have spent on buying or constructing it.

Things Required To Embellish Your Space

Just like human beings need to deck themselves up with good attires, classy jewelry, some cosmetics and other accessories as per requirements for looking ravishing, similarly, your home or office needs few things to portray that magnificent glimpse that everybody would die to have.

Apart from installing high priced furniture or gadgets, there are many other small things that enhance the visual impact of any place. Such as

  • Curtains
  • Floor carpets
  • Rugs
  • Bedding covers
  • Artworks
  • Wall paints
  • Floor laminations and etc.

You need to allocate some of your good attentions to all these ancillary stuff as well.

Patchwork Hide Rugs

One such thing is floor rugs. You often see there are innumerable kinds of floor mats or rugs, available in the market. Even you have seen varieties of them in your friends’ or relatives’ places too. It comes in different shapes, colors, and materials. Some are plain, only in solid colors; some have designs composed with multicolored graphics or digital printings and patchworks. Some are made up of synthetic, polyester material and some are made up of fur, cowhides, jute and several other materials.

Making of the Rugs

One of the most desired artistries is the patchwork hide rugs. These patchwork rugs are made by using best cowhides which endure a continuous process of treating its quality. Once the best hides are separated from the entire stack, they go for further processing. They are then dyed up with several colors to impart various gradients to the rugs. No jacquard or synthetic materials are mixed with the cowhides to taper off the cost of the rugs.  After these hides are dyed with colors then the main patchworks are sired. These patches are then embroidered by few craftsmen, together, at a time to form one patchwork hide rug. Manufacturing time depends on the length and breadth of the rugs.

Foremost Patchwork Designs

Many designs are found in patchwork rugs, but the most sorts after ones are:

  • 3D grayscale designs
  • Maze artworks
  • Animal prints
  • Abstract geometrical designs
  • Modern art patchworks
  • Chevron and etc

These are quite popular patchworks hide rugs designs in today’s interim of home décor.

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