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Posted by JessicaBeak on November 3rd, 2017

Due to high work pressure and a highly stressful life, disease known as Bruxism has evolved as a fatal disease. Due to this many people starts to grinding and clenching the teeth at night. There are also various issues going on in the life due to which people can feel bruxism at night. These issues can lead to damage your dental line. It can also create a headache, earache etc. It can also cause injury to your jaw, gums, and lips. Your full facial expression would get hurts a lot with this dental problem. One of the major issues it will create a disturbance in your sleep.

Teeth mouth guards are also majorly useful in sports. For the protection of your teeth from the accidental injury, the sports authority has made mandatory to use this which will reduce the harmful effects during sports activities. 

How does a mouth guard work?

Teeth protector or mouth guard will work as a cushion between your teeth which protect you from the harmful dental effects. With the help of Impression kit, dental specialist designed the impression of patient teeth. Manufacturers try to create the best-fit mouth Guard for the user. First, the sample is provided to the users to use it few days, if the user is comfortable in using it then the permanent mouth guard is provided. Alginate material is used in preparing this mouth guard. In Europe, before selling this it is mandatory to pass an EC test and get an EC mark on it. If there is no EC mark on it that it is considered as a criminal offense by European Body.

There is three famous type of Mouth Guard are made:

  • Vacuum Form – It is single layer and highly used for protection against bite
  • Pressure Laminated – It is multi-layer and offering superior quality to teeth. It is very much comfortable in the mouth
  • Impression less – It is very similar to the shape of your mouth, made up of polymer with 1.6 mm thin. It is also allowing sports person to naturally eat and drink

Availability of Mouth Guard

If you want to get relive from this discomfort, then take the use of teeth mouth guard. This mouth guard is easily available in the markets with different size and forms. If you want to customize your mouth guard that service is also provided by a dental specialist.

You can avail this teeth protector by contacting on this website:


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