Information on the Added Convenience Provided by Easy Open Ends

Posted by Ryan Justin on November 3rd, 2017

The evolvement of one touch easy open lid has been an excellent innovation that has revolutionized the lid industry. This new mechanism has virtually eliminated the need for the conventional lids that are technically designed to open the cans with minimum effort and creates easy usage of items for consumers. Easy open ends are an example of how excellence and innovation in packaging design can improve the quality of life for many people.

This exceptional system delivers the functionality that put value to consumers’ wants because they make things more convenient and easy to use. Manufacturers of this mechanism offer a wide range of steel and aluminium easy-open ends for food industry including processed food, non-processed food, fruit juices, and non-food products as well. In addition to offering easy access to food and other products, these are also a durable packaging solution, specially designed to protect product quality and ensure that food products are preserved along with their flavour and freshness.


Below are outlined a few advantages of aluminum easy open ends-

Aluminum easy lids with high quality production, especially with health and hygiene, will not rust and can be easily opened without the need of can opener.


Aluminum closure is good because it has thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance capacity. It is also non-toxic, non-absorbent and the sealing power is very good as compared to traditional lids.


Aluminum cap can be customized according to customer requirements. It comes with high capacity water boiling resistance and designs can be done using colour printing, embossing and milling words.


Aluminum cover is made using advanced production technology, thereby making the seal airtight with excellent cover and a plane surface. There are done printing of various designs, cap designs and beautiful prints, but also it doesn’t lose the value of your product. Now even consumers with disability or limited mobility, such as seniors, children and the physically impaired can be able to open food packaging without using any tools such as can opener or other tools.


There are online stores that deal supplies high quality easy open ends to the packaging industry. They ensure the quality of the product and guarantee that their products can effectively preserve the freshness of the items. Wide ranges of lids are available to meet the rising demand of all market needs. These are also available in all major diameters. Food and packaging industry has benefited from the evolution of this new mechanism.

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