Autoglass repairing and Autoglass replacement

Posted by juliabennet on August 30th, 2011

It may seem to be a troublesome act to go for an Autoglass replacement which may cost a lump sum amount sometimes. While compared to the Auto Glass repairing cost with that of Autoglass replacement, the former seem to be more price efficient than the other one.

The windshield of a car may get a crack or a chip by many external reasons like the debris in the wind, some pebbles or stones pointed at by other vehicles unknowingly, hitting a bird or so. In every case, the driver lands up unfortunately having a gash or crack in his car windshield. Now the next thing that may bother him at its highest is that whether he should go for an Auto Glass repairing or make an entire replacement.

Autoglass repair is certainly more cost effective than an outright replacement of Auto Glass. The most important and crucial part is to locate an efficient Autoglass repairing expert who will be in the position to make suitable repairs and add resin to the crack on the windshield. Generally it should not take more than half an hour or so to repair the Auto Glass and it merely cost you around $50 provided the crack is just a minor one. But if for that same amount of crack you are willing to replace the whole windshield, then it will cost you a substantial amount of money depending on the quality of windshield that you choose for your vehicle. It is almost needless to say that Autoglass replacement may take more than an hour.

There are some factors that may help you to understand the gravity of the situation and thus take an appropriate action- Autoglass replacement or repair. It is commonly understood that a crack for more than 6 inches lengthwise cannot be repaired and hence requires to be replaced. If the crack appears in front of the driving seat, it probably cannot be repaired. In case, there are more than 3 cracks rising from the primary damaged area, or if the damage is somehow induced chemically, repairing will not help at all. For these cases, you will have to opt for a replacement of the windshield.
It is a fact with many that they tend to overlook the little cracks or scratches over their vehicle and leave it unattained. But probably they do not realise that these small cracks may expand gradually resulting in a great damage. If it is checked and treated at the beginning, it will not be a problem. But if not, it is potential to cause a lump sum expense having caused to replace the Autoglass.

Apart from the monetary issue, a cracked or damaged windshield may create lot of other problems like obstructing a clear vision or arousing safety issues etc. In case of any accident, the condition of the windshield can be questioned. So it is very important to check your Auto Glass regularly and go for repairing or replacement if required without delay.

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