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Posted by Sophia Alice on November 4th, 2017

There's not much to enhance around Bit Torrent. It is a very Speedy way to obtain nearly anything, also because everyone downloading is also discussing, it is extremely rare for an file to evaporate way too long since people have an interest about it.

Sometimes nonetheless, it can be a little taxing to find the File you are looking for. Together with lots of unique torrent trackers getting a document often mean researching all of them one by one before eventually locating it.

Windows and Linux users may find relief out of it particular, yet, Due to Torrentslot 

This program looks via a Wide Range of Distinct trackers To match you with an record you are searching for, and also with very fast searching to boot up.

What It Can

Fire this up program and You'll see a Exact easy -- nearly Spartan, an individual might state -- interface. There's not a lot to do but type exactly what you're searching for, but when you do You're immediately start visiting results:

The outcomes can be sorted by some of the visible columns, although I am sure a lot of the time sorting by "Seeders" is after that work great for you.

The outcomes are from an Assortment of distinct Torrent sites; See a present list of plugins here. As the tracker network is perpetually shifting, it is excellent to see a program predicated on an easy-to-update plug-in procedure.

Torrent Search is not a client; you Are Unable to use it to Download files through BitTorrent. What goes on whenever you double-click a torrent in your internet search depends on the manner in which you've establish the app. Now, there Are a Couple options:

As you can see, it is potential to place the app to launch Your regular bit torrent-client, or to conserve the file to your specific folder. The latter choice can be very helpful if you should be using drop-box to remotely launching a Bit Torrent download. Do that and you've got a really slick method to remotely launching a downloading.


There are Ubuntu (. Deb) and Windows download to get your own App over at Torrent Hunt's download page. You'll also find the source code there, if you are using another Linux distribution and wish to try compiling this app from source.

Otherwise, You Will Find a portable Linux version of Torrent Search on at Portable Linux Apps, a site that provides portable software that work in almost any Linux distribution.

Web based Option

In case you're looking for a online tool similar to the particular, I Highly suggest looking into Scrape Torrent, a web site with the capacity of searching every big torrent tracker at once. Sure, it will not automatically down load your own torrents to a certain website, and you're likely to find a lot more ads on this page than you will utilizing Torrent Lookup, but it works on a Mac and also you just need it.


Whether you want Torrent Search or Perhaps the internet Scrape Torrent, it's nice to have one location to go to locate whatever document you're on the lookout for. Can you enjoy either of those programs, nor have You Got any other tool you Prefer? Share exactly what you recognize below, because then everyone else will know also. Oh and do not neglect to down load MakeUseOf's Torrent Guide to find out more.

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