What you must know about enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert

Posted by Larry Taggart on November 5th, 2017

Enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert is someone who brings in data analysis skill to mine and analyze huge data for addressing significant pain points that enterprise sales teams are facing. In simpler terms, currently, businesses do not have much insight in the way their sales representatives are functioning and interacting with the customers. The organization would want to know what makes one of them hugely successful in comparison to another. Software developers are now offering live chat services that bring in these data to develop an effective and standardized system.

Companies now use NLP to help businesses optimize their live chat conversations. Natural language processing and machine learning tools are now used to provide real-time sales coaching. Analyzing both semantic and sentiment winning sales strategies are now developed. After installing such artificial intelligence platforms the businesses have experienced huge increase in their conversion rate and average order size. The software can be customized on the basis of brand guidelines and helps the live chat agents to represent their companies with more confidence and efficiently carrying out dual responsibilities of a sales rep and a brand ambassador.

Along with optimizing live chat sales, these software also improves retention rate, lifetime customer value and customer satisfaction scores. The platform can be used to measure and improve regular chat-related outcomes. Often, improving a sales agent’s performance can be achieved by effective coaching and training. When this training is provided by the live chat services developer what can be better than this? The algorithm of the system assesses the performance of the sales representative and coaches him or her accordingly so that soon they receive the knowledge or skill to increase their efficiency.

Post-call analytics is undoubtedly the most important factor in any live chat application and also one of the most difficult tasks. For a bigger sales team having say 50 to 150 representatives, management friction happens due to absence of proximity to the teams. On the other hand, for a small or medium company that cannot afford a big sales team must have a system that reduces their agents interaction time with the customers, without affecting the quality of services. For both the parties, a system developed by an enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert works wonderfully. The software lets the agent use its AI-backed algorithm to use the analytics in a more efficient way and a team can be trained to achieve standardization in their response. Handling multiple chats at the same time becomes easy and therefore the efficiency of the team goes up.

Adopting Saas (software as a service) is common now that empowers businesses to interact with their customer base more effectively. Innovative machine learning-based solution has unlocked huge opportunities to the businesses and this has reduced their cost of customer acquisition.

Enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert can also address multi-level problems. Sales strategies have become more data-driven and the companies do not hesitate to invest in software that will help them in developing solid, data-driven action plans. Live chat supports are now more engaging, targeted and high on customer satisfaction.

Live chat services developed by an enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert is much more efficient than conventional communication systems.

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