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Posted by adairsawyer on August 31st, 2011

What would dc weddings be if not boring and drab without those heart-warming and sweet-smelling flowers that can brighten up even the oldest maiden during your dc wedding? Even the simplest flower arrangement can add glamour and life to a wedding ceremony so you can just imagine how stunning your wedding ceremony and receptions would be with the right flower arrangement.

No flower is ugly and you will realize that the flowers used for dc weddings are not only influenced by the flowers in season but also by the personality of the couple. When it comes to choosing flowers for your dc wedding, be guided by your favorite color and flower and you won’t go wrong. The most important thing is to keep the flowers more meaningful by choosing a variety or color that has something to do with your love story, your wedding theme or even your color motif.

Remember the following mantras when choosing your flowers and your florists:

Budget, budget, budget

While you love luxurious flowers that can cost a fortune, you have to be practical and consider the cost of getting them all geared up for your dc wedding. Life is always a series of compromises and dc weddings could be the best examples of how you can compromise if only to get what you want. If you want to get the most expensive flowers in the world then make that your priority and scrimp on something else for your wedding. But then again, there are so many beautiful flowers that won’t break the bank so do your research.

The best florist can make the cheapest flowers look great

Instead of spending a fortune for flowers that will only last for a few days, why not choose the most creative florist in town for your dc wedding? Check out home businesses that specialize in providing flower arrangements for dc weddings as they usually offer the most affordable and out-of-the-box flower arrangements. To make sure that you made the right choice, meet with the florist and see how he or she envisions your flower arrangement for the ceremony and the reception. You can even ask for a catalogue of past flower arrangements or ask the florist to create a totally new design for you based on your personality.

Mix and match

Gone are the days when dc weddings were limited to flowers of the same variety and color. The trend nowadays is to mix and match flowers with complementary or contrasting shades but different textures. Unique flower arrangements usually get the attention of the guests the moment they arrive at the chapel or garden. But more than that, unique flower arrangements will keep your dc wedding photographs more attractive.

All-purpose flowers

If you don’t want to splurge on flowers then don’t worry because you can have beautiful flowers everywhere for dc weddings held in gardens and other venues where flowers are already part of the landscape or scenery. This way, you only have to enhance the beauty of your natural surroundings by adding some flower arrangement along the aisle where the bride and the groom will march. You do not have to spend double for your dc wedding if your wedding coordinator knows how to take advantage of the flower arrangements in the wedding ceremony venue. After all, there is no rule that says you can’t use the same flower arrangements for the chapel and the reception.

Get to know the different flowers you can use for your dc wedding and choose the ones that will not only stay fresh longer but ones that are also easy on the pocket. There are many flowers sources in the area so dc weddings are always assured of having enough blooms no matter where the bride and groom say their “I Do’s”.

Flowers are part and parcel of every DC wedding. These blooms do not only make DC weddings colorful but also charming. Check our website for more information on how to choose flowers for weddings.

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