The high temperature compressive strength of the refractory fire bricks

Posted by annesheldon on November 6th, 2017

The high temperature compressive strength of the refractory brick china (abbreviated as HCS) refers to the maximum pressure (in MPa) per unit area of the material at high temperatures above 1000-1200 °C. The compressive strength of the refractory material generally varies with increasing temperature. From the normal temperature from the temperature rise, the intensity of a straight line down. Since then, some of the material continues to decline with increasing temperature; some materials rise as the temperature rises to a certain extent and rises to a maximum temperature at a specific temperature, followed by a sharp drop. The following figure is a number of commonly used china refractory brick high temperature compressive strength with temperature changes.

The change in the high temperature compressive strength of the refractory fire brick is controlled by changes in certain components, especially those in which the matrix or its bound phase occurs at high temperatures. In general, the sintered refractory raw material, which is entirely composed of crystal, is prone to plastic deformation due to its grain and grain boundaries at high temperature, especially when its loading speed is small, so that the strength decreases with the temperature reduce. When some of the crystal phase between the melting point at high temperature or the formation of melt, such as silica brick, clay brick and high alumina brick, the matrix is mainly composed of glass phase, with the temperature rise, the strength of such multi-phase material the microstructure decreases with temperature. When the temperature is further improved, due to the viscosity of the glass phase from brittle to toughness, so that the material between the particles more firmly, so that the strength was significantly improved. Then, as the temperature increases, the melt viscosity of the material decreases sharply, and the strength of the material decreases sharply.

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