Virtual Private Server Hosting- An Affordable Alternative to Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jessica Beak on November 6th, 2017

As we know the pace at which the internet has evolved in the last decade. To keep the websites running, the server is the very important component of it. Without this, our websites are of no use. It is like the life line of our websites.

Virtual Private Server Hosting is provided by Internet hosting companies which are readily available in the market. Virtual Private servers are available in various configurations which are a combination of OS, RAM, CPU, SSD, and Bandwidth. You can choose out of this as per your requirements.

What is a virtual private server?

A virtual private server hosting is a shared hosting in which user gets his own CPanel or webmin. The server is shared among several users. VPS is always present in the data Centre of the organization. You can not only have this server customized but also you can scale up this server depending on your future requirements. VPS also has its own disk space which can also be customized as per your need and requirements.

The standard specifications and benefits of VPS include:

  • You can easily stop, start and restart the server services without hampering any of your work.
  • If you are not happy with the currently running OS of VPS, you can very quickly change and reinstall the new one as per your convenience.
  • As it is shared, it is cheaper than dedicated servers.
  • Security is one of the major concerns for any servers nowadays, so VPS SSD and RAID is fully protected and safe.
  • It has the latest IPs like IPv6 and IPv4 standards.
  • If you want to play around the access of the VPS, then VPS is providing you with the full root facility.
  • You can choose from variety of control panels for your VPS.
  • As we have mentioned earlier, this VPS is flexible enough to run on various OS available in the market.
  • Migration of server is one of the toughest tasks which we all have to deal with, but if you go with VPS then this major problem can be taken care by VPS very effectively.

You can contact with one of the companies who is providing virtual private server hosting is

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