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Posted by Wireless air card on November 6th, 2017

Mobileye 630 :

The Mobileye collision avoidance helps the car driversby acting as a “extra eye”, constantly watching the road in front of the vehicle. It has the ability to identify any uncomfortable or dangerous situations, and provides audiovisual alerts to assist the driver.

The mobileye 630 system uses a smart digital camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle. Inside the camera, Mobileye’s powerful image processing chip provides very high quality performance.

The mobileye 630, includes a single forward-facing vision sensor. Mobileye 630 displays Lane Departure Warning alerts and also complies with indicating when the system is inactive.


  • If there is a chance of collision it will give a warning for this.                                             
  • If there is any chance of departure of the lane it will give a warning.
  • If the speed exceed it will give a warning.

It is very advanced safety feature for cars. People will be more safe on roads by using this features.

K40 optix:                           

In July 12, 2016 K40 Electronics announced the addition of the K40 Laser Defuser Optix to its police laser gun jammer product line. By using a technology pulsed laser diode to provide a jamming beam, the Laser Defuser Optix housing measures very small. The ultra-compact footprint allows for a discreet installation into grilles and other small paces.


  • It gives maximum Protection.
  • It is updateable to Ensure Optimum Performance.
  • It integrates with K40 Custom Installed Rader Detection Systems.



It is available through K40’s authorized dealer, two types of Laser Defuser configurations offering police laser ticket protection are available in the market :

  • Laser Defuser Optix.
  • Laser Defuser g5.

mObridge for BMW:

mObridge Bluetooth is the most advanced phone kit available for vehicles equipped with the MOST bus.

The mObridge M2 connect platform is the second generation mObridge MOST Bluetooth Interface that builds on the M1000-M-BT product and is most advanced. All M2 Connect products now ship with A2DP as standard across all vehicles in true stereo audio as well as displaying song titles, artists and album info coupled with track control capability.                                  

By utilizing Parrot Bluetooth Technology, mObridge offers telephone support with more than 1000 devices supported.The product also contains USB for updates and phone charging.

These technologies can bring a new side to the human world. Their efforts get minimized and life becomes easier, safer and smoother.


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