Increase productivity of employees by supplying office coffee

Posted by HelenaNelson on November 6th, 2017

Importance of office coffee

Coffee is the second most traded item in the world. Coffee plays an important role in the daily functionality of people. And it goes without saying that coffee in the office is almost a necessity, sometimes even more than paper, pen and computer. A good cup of coffee can be a perfect start to your day or a good cup of coffee in your office during your shift can simply act as fuel to help become more productive in your work. According survey 89% of 843 employees surveyed said that a nice cup of coffee in the office can potentially make the whole day better. As office coffee is so important for the employees, coffee machines or coffee services should be incorporated in every workspace.

Advantages of coffee machine in office

There are many coffee drinkers in the world who work long hours in their office. After a survey on these people, it has been concluded that without proper coffee in the office avid coffee drinkers feel a variety of negative emotions such as forgetfulness, exhaustion, disorganized, unproductiveness etc. Thus here are some reasons why there should be a coffee machine in every office: -

  • Increase in productivity: During long hours of work people go through a lot of emotional and mental changes. Caffeine is one of those ingredients which help people get back on track. A coffee machine in the office will allow people to quickly get coffee at anytime.
  • Cost-Effective: A coffee machine can be used for a long period of time. It does not require the extra cost of labor or gas. Hence a coffee machine is highly cost-effective.
  • Convenient: Using a coffee machine is easy and thus anyone can make a cup of coffee for themselves at any time of the day. People will not have to wait in line for a cup and there will not be any chances of mistakes. The machine will make your office coffee perfectly as per your needs.

Reasons for having special service for coffee

Some people get bored after having the same type of coffee everyday. People will need some change after some point. If the coffee machine is not very good then employees will have to suffer from having the same kind of coffee everyday which can be detrimental in some ways. In order to tackle this problem, offices should hire proper companies who provide coffee services for offices.

These people are specialized in coffee making and can make a large variety of coffee like cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes etc. They also provide different varieties of cold coffee as well. Sometimes they make cute designs with the cream on top which lightens the mood. These people are specialized in dealing with all the customer needs and even provide light food along with the coffee.


Coffee plays an important role in the functionality of the employees in the office. Hence it is best to have coffee machines and hire professional coffee service providers.

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