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Posted by Rohit on November 6th, 2017

Code igniter is a type of programming application framework that may additionally be known as a toolkit for programmers or people who build websites using PHP. The objective of purpose of making use of the code igniter is always to make it easy for you to definitely build and complete projects in a shorter time in comparison to picking out codes from scratch. This will be attained through the code igniter giving a fantastic collection of commands for usually needed tasks. In addition it provides an easy interface with consistent structures for simple usage of these libraries.  It is clear that after using a code igniter you'll be able to to innovatively focus on assembling your shed by decreasing the wide range of code expected to achieve a given task.

Code igniter will be most appropriate if:

You're looking to produce a framework with a small footprint

You require the most exceptional presentation of efficiency

In case you might need substantial compatibility when working with regular hosting accounts which handle different PHP versions along with configurations

You'll need a particular framework that will function with nearly zero configurations

You want to to generate a framework that may function minus the utilization of a command line

You're looking for a framework that may not limit you to definitely dealing with specific coding rules

You want to do away and go on together with your project without needing any restrictive libraries such as for instance PEAR

That you don't desire to study a templating language( however, you may make learn and also make usage of a template parser in the event that you so wish)

You might need comprehensible, systematic documentation

Resemblances between code igniter and cakephp:

Both of these are types of MVC and may be contrasted in relation to strengths and weaknesses. To start with code igniter and cake php are extremely similar in the way they cope with a number of things that would consist of PHP4 support. The reference to one of these brilliant web programming languages will surely resulted in mention of other. There similarity can be purchased in their make an effort to construct MVC architecture because they both take apart the model through the controller and lastly through the view which will be what exactly is seen because of the viewer.

They have been both recognized to take advantage of routing  involving taking a URL and mapping it to a specific task inside a controller. In relation to frequent expressions support for routing, code igniter and cakephp are both empower to complete bring out this function. Both these programming languages help scaffolding that is best referred to as a computerized method of creating a view predicated on a specified model. Even though this function is normally reserved on the cheap complicated prototyping, code igniter goes one step forward by entering a keyword within the URL that may help out with obtaining the scaffolding. This however is optional since many people focus on private projects not designed for the general public, therefore making utilization of a keyword would merely be a bother and could be not good.

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