Caravan Heating Installation and Caravan Solar Installation Melbourne

Posted by Allvans Caravan on November 6th, 2017

Why Caravans?

Caravans are the motor vehicles which includes basic amenities and living space found in the home. They usually have a kitchen, bathroom, a living space and other extra fittings as per their needs. They are mainly used for camping, vacations, business purposes as a mobile office and for film shooters.

How difficult will it be if a caravan met with an accident?

Caravans are very costly since they are equipped with many luxurious features. If it meets with an accident, it will be really a chaos to recover the vehicle since many costly parts are fitted with it. If one part is damaged, it will affect other functioning parts too since all are tied with one another. So if you want to repair a caravan which got damaged because of accident or any other reason, you have to hire a right company which has experienced experts or personnel to repair it.

Installing Solar Panels and heaters in the Caravan:

The caravan is a vehicle fitted with luxury items like fridge, Air Conditioners, Television, water heaters, and mobile devices, and it needs electricity for its functioning. But where will it go for the electricity while it is moving? It generates electricity with the help of solar panels installed on its roof.

Caravan Solar Installation Melbourne is chosen mainly because of its portability and eco-friendly nature. Solar panels come with different types, so the correct type which was used earlier in the vehicle has to be used again for its proper functioning. Also, the number of panels used and how much electricity it has to generate and where it has to be installed – all these things have to be properly checked and verified before installing the solar panel. Not only this, the solar regulator, batteries and inverter for converting AC to DC – have also to be checked and the right one has to be fit in the vehicle.

Caravan Heating Installation Melbourne: During the cold weather, it will be difficult to travel or stay in the vehicle. During these days, heaters will be required to keep us warm inside the vehicle. So the heater is an important and necessary one to be fit. Mostly the caravans come up with the suitable heater as a part of it. But during an accident when it gets damaged, the correct variation of the heater whether it is diesel powered, gas powered, a combination of both r space powered whichever it may be used earlier in the vehicle has to be used again.

Where can I get my caravan repaired in Melbourne?

If you are looking for your caravan to be repaired, then contact AllVans who are experts in repairing the caravans. For further details, visit

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