5 Points Not to Depend on Google

Posted by Rohit on November 6th, 2017

The whole Internet was an extremely distinctive spot before 1998, after which Google resulted in and changed your whole web world to its root.

The volatile boost in power and rise in popularity of Google has arrived in the inescapable expense of competitors such as for instance MSN, Yahoo and so forth, resulting in a 2013 where in actuality the the greater part of second-place search sites are not even considered in by most users. And it's really all for a good explanation too - Google is actually a much better site and a far better service than just about any of their rivals, which explains why the phrase itself is actually a verb... I Google, we Google, he/she is Googling... as well as on it goes.

So from an advertising point of view Google can stand out through due to the fact ultimate goal to get rid of all of them - the whole world's individuals are all rushing to an individual site by which they may be tapped.  If which was not enough, Google's share of the market is growing more or less every day, so that the best is only likely to get better as time passes.

However, along with this force and fame comes a fairly serious risk - compared to disregarding that there surely is in reality some sort of beyond your ranks of Google

For people in the wonderful world of web business or online marketing of every type, it should be taken aboard that whatever the general opinion, concentrating most or every one of your time and effort on Google could be a candidly terrible idea. Each and every part of business hinges on a particular level of diversity to get by, which can be not different in the wide world of the net.

1 - Google does not Care About you

Make no error about this; Google is present for Google and Google alone. It is a small business that's off to make just as much money as you possibly can and does not pay you a red-cent. In addition, both you and your business are not even Google's second priority - Oahu is the individuals themselves that discover every choice Google makes.

Or even to place it one other way, the nice people over at Google could not care less in case the site comes out top when you look at the rankings and enables you to a millionaire, or sits on page 76 and leads to the loss of your company.

What this signifies therefore is the fact that regardless of how enough time, money and real effort you spend money on Google, you're not really creating yourself almost any security of safety net in any way. Google is moody to put it mildly and certainly not loyal - investing anything you have in Google therefore is truly a bad strategy.

2 - Google Only makes up about 70% of Search Traffic

OK and so the word 'only' might be applied only a little broadly here, but to side just with Google would be to totally disregard a complete 30% of global search traffic - and that is a hell of plenty of traffic!

They could never be as much as exactly the same level, but sites like Bing and Yahoo do continue to exist and do direct huge amounts of queries. So that the real question is; have you ever annoyed to test either or both these in your campaigns or strategies?

In the event that response is 'no' then chances are you actually are changing yourself - there is a giant pool available to you just prepared to be tapped.

3 - Google Breeds Ferocious Competition

Because of the proven fact that Google's power and reach is not everything you'd call a secret, you can easily probably do you know what the effect is within regards to competition. Yep, virtually every website marketing specialist and business on the market today will make Google their first, second and third goals as everyone else views for similar traffic.

So, this implies not merely a significantly reduced possibility of catching the traffic they truly are all after, but in addition greatly inflated prices if you wish to pay Google to assist you in your pursuit. Smaller sums dedicated to any competitors like Yahoo and Bing have the possibility to deliver definitely better rankings and exposure, which could not carry exactly the same oomph and so they would in Google, but at the least the possibility are increased.

4 - Google Evolves... Frequently

There isn't any other internet search engine or internet marketing platform in the field that moves the goalposts as much or as unpredictably as Google... none! In the same way you're feeling you have strike the nail in the go with a top-end ranking after months of time and effort and countless amounts invested, Google jumps out another algorithm update and you also're back on page 44.

Do you want to get an apology? A refund? A description? Even any suggestions about steps to make it better? No, nope, never and never an opportunity.

It really is a sad truth but every second and penny you invest in Google you need to be ready to lose in the cinch of a finger.

5 - Google Addiction Breeds Complacency

Also to round off, to rely on Google would be to become a blind eye towards the more conventional marketing techniques which have serves the planet faithfully for a long time now. Sure you will possibly not look at jump in traffic you are wishing for overnight, but to totally sidestep attempted and trusted tools and methods is always to manage yourself a bum hand for no valid reason.

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