A Decade of Juegos de Mario Kart or Mario Kart

Posted by juliabennet on September 1st, 2011

It’s almost unbelievable but it is already more than ten years since juegos de Mario kart or Mario kart games as they call them in Spanish were first released. Nintendo released this Super Mario Kart in 1997 on the Super Nintendo. There are basically eight characters that are picked from the popular juegos de Mario or Mario games and put on go-karts. Quite different from the usual racing games, Nintendo has incorporated devious attacks on your competitors in the racing games. Different vehicles have different attributes so you can choose the kind of driving style that you want.

Some years later, Nintendo came up with juegos de Mario kart 64 or Mario Kart 64 meant for the Nintendo 64. This system was extra powerful and had better graphics capabilities. And these juegos de Mario sold off as third best on the Nintendo 64. Once Nintendo realized that they had yet another success with Mario and had basically taken over the market of hand held games, they came up with more juegos de Mario.

The next juegos de Mario kart would be on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system. Mario Kart Super Circuit still continues to be a well-liked juegos de Mario and is played on both the Nintendo Game Boy Advance as well as the Nintendo DS. Each of these handheld systems let the players play with several handhelds. While the Nintendo DS makes use of wireless technology, the Game Boy Advance needs cords to attach to each other.

The next juegos de Mario kart was the Mario Kart Double Dash made to run on the Nintendo Game Cube. This juegos de Mario allowed four players to play at one time and the choice to play the partner on the back of the go-kart was just amazing. The Nintendo DS version was soon introduced and came to be known as Mario Kart DS. The battle mode and the option to play wireless are really mind-boggling. You always wonder what kind juegos de Mario will be introduced next. But whatever it is you can be sure that it will be something that you will truly enjoy.

If you have tried the juegos de Mario kart called Mario Kart Wii which is a multiplayer game over WiFi, then you will surely agree that is it one of the best online gaming experiences in the world that you will ever experience. The exhilaration that you experience while playing against fellow gamers racing against them all the way through multiple tracks is really something. While playing these juegos de Mario it is best to avoid collisions. As much as possible, you should prevent yourself from colliding with other gamers as this will slow down your speed and it will be a while before you are able to rebuild your top. Rather than choosing to race side by side with an opponent, it would be better if you could trail them so that you know where you stand. Then when your boost power is ready you may overtake the opponent.

There is no doubt that juegos de Mario kart are exciting; so if you are looking for some popular juegos de Mario visit us now!

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