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Yoga is a type of physical exercise where people practice physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines by twisting, turning, stretching, concentrating, and breathing in and out from the body. It helps to reduce stress, give relaxation and improves medical conditions of patients. Research shows that yoga can improve the psychological health of the patients in cancer treatment, have a positive impact on the mental health patients, and help the individuals to do their daily routine with ease and enthusiasm. Even the united nations (UN) have approved June 21st as the International Day of Yoga by recognizing and spreading the importance of Yoga on a global scale. Many TV programs now – a – days are broadcasting yoga for the viewers in the mornings so that they can practice it at their homes. There are many summer camps, yoga camps for adults and children, yoga camps for women and many training centers which offer courses in yoga training.

International Federation for Yoga Trainer (IFYT) is dedicated for promoting the best and authentic yoga practices for everyone in the world. They recognize talents and train the instructors to meet the international standards. The individual to be called as a Yoga instructor, need a certification proof to prove himself. To meet the standards set by IFYT and the instructor have to be ready to learn new skills and competencies, the certification from IFYT helps the individuals to understand that he is a professional. The individuals who want to be instructor need to register with IFYT at online membership for Yoga center. There are various types of courses that are offered here. The individuals need to go with online membership for yoga trainer to get a certification to be an instructor.


Yoga has become a part of life in every individual all over the world. To reduce or free themselves from the stress at their work place, people are looking for alternatives to do so. Yoga is providing them with one such source where they can spend around 1 – 2 hours of their daily time practicing it and doing the rest of their routines with enthusiasm. Online membership for yoga trainer all gives the individual to start an alternative career which is stress free and gives them a lot of money. It is one of the sources of employment where the individual can do it as a part time or full time depending upon his interest.

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