How technology enabled is your diagnostic chain?

Posted by lifelinelaboratory on November 6th, 2017

Lifeline Laboratory - This award-winning, Path Lab Delhi has been advanced to provide the accurate, unbiased and responsible information you need to appreciate your pathology tests.

The goal is that by getting to grips with the pathology of your condition you’ll be better equipped to have productive discussions with your doctors and health professionals and as a result able to make informed decisions about your health. There’s now a wealth of evidence to show that people who play an active part in their health care normally make better progress.

Technology is a very essential part of our business. There is no need for patients to visit a lab and there is home collection and online collection of the patients’ report. We have launched an app through which they can book an appointment, make payments online and download their current and previous reports. Currently, the model is the same but we are trying to augment our infrastructure of labs and blood sample collection at home. We tend to penetrate those in the tier II and tier III towns. Though, it all depends on what phase the market is in.

Lifeline laboratory - Different Types of Pathology Tests

Diagnostic labs in Delhi complicated in clinical pathology specify in a range of pathology testing. The different kinds of pathology tests include assuring quality control of patient testing as well as performing bone-marrow biopsies, which is a kind of pathology test that regulates the proper functioning of the bone marrow. Pathologists work in grouping with physicians using subject laboratories that enable them to set up tests for spinal fluids, urine, blood, as well as other fluid samples and beliefs. They also screen the testing and follow up by interpreting the results of the tests. Prominently they can also answer any questions related to the tests.

Lifeline laboratory - The latest type of pathology is recognized as Molecule Pathology and is one that holds a great deal of ability for the future. In this kind of pathological testing, the pathologists observe genes in an endeavor to identify the presence of cancer cells and also to predict prognosis and response to ongoing therapy. Top pathology is today helping medical experts achieve greater accuracy and 100% accuracy in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as more tests.

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