Do you load the fuel tanks or fuels bowsers for transport?

Posted by Johan Krugar on November 6th, 2017

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Let’s be honest; storage fuel tanks and fuel bowsers can be quite expensive. If you are in the market for one, the chances are that you’re thinking of purchasing a reconditioned fuel tank or bowser – and with good reason.

Advantages of Buying Reconditioned Fuel Bowsers and Tanks

Save Oodles of Money: New fuel tanks Johannesburg don’t come cheap. However, reconditioned fuel bowsers and fuel tanks Cape Town offer near-same quality for a fraction of the cost. That is right – buying reconditioned equipment can do wonders for the bottom line of your diesel supply business.

Quality Assurance: most reconditioned fuel tanks and bowsers undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance before being put on the market. All worn out parts are replaced, mechanicals are inspected thoroughly, and the overall tank is checked for integrity, sanitary connections, and leaks.

Variety: Reconditioned fuel tanks in South Africa come in a broad range of sizes, styles, and prices. From huge, commercial fuel bowsers to small, farm-style fuel tanks, there’s something for every use.

Advantages aside, there are significant factors to consider before buying fuel tanks and fuel bowsers. In this post, we are going to walk you through essential questions to ask the vendor in order to purchase the right one.

#1. What is the condition of the exterior paintwork?

It’s paramount that the original exterior paint is removed or stripped. Why? The last thing you want is reconditioned fuel tanks with a shoddy exterior paint job. It can comprise their durability.

#2. Has the exterior been primed?

The used fuel tanks should be primed then painted with top-of-the-line paint. This way, the storage tanks will last longer and deliver quality work.

#3. Were the mechanical parts reconditioned?

The mechanical components of reconditioned fuel tanks Cape Town must be disassembled and inspected thoroughly for any issues.

#4. Have the bearings, seals, and other parts prone to wear and tear replaced?

Seals, bearing, and other worn out components must be removed and replaced with high-quality ones. Don’t settle for less.

#5. Has the fuel tanks been inspected for leaks?

All reconditioned fuel bowsers and tanks have to be checked for sanitary connections as well as possible leaks.

#6. Can you modify the tank for me?

Some vendors can help you customise the reconditioned fuel tanks in Cape Town. This way, you can tailor your tank for diesel supply or storage.

#7. Do you load the fuel tanks or fuels bowsers for transport?

Loading tanks for transport can be costly. Any vendor who offers the service for free is your best shot at saving even more money.

Congratulations! With these handy questions, you can pick the right reconditioned fuel tanks in Johannesburg.

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