New dry process cement production

Posted by yoyocrusher on November 6th, 2017

In the new dry cement production, grate cooler is one of the key equipment. Different types of Construction Waste Crusher used in different production lines are different, such as hammer crusher, roller crusher and so on. This paper focuses on the hammer crusher in the production process of the problems and measures for a summary. In production, the main problem of hammer crusher is that the shell and rotor sealing device is easy to damage, resulting in more leakage, bearing heating, hammer crusher body vibration.

1, hammer crusher shell and rotor seal vulnerable fracture, shell and rotor seal is gland packing sealing device, packing with graphite packing, easy to wear. There are two reasons: first, small clinker particles into the seal, resulting in graphite packing wear loss of sealing; two is due to graphite packing winding number is too small, resilience is poor, less oil storage. If the lubrication is bad or the graphite packing pressure is too tight, the oil film will be interrupted, resulting in dry friction between graphite packing and rotor, resulting in graphite packing damage, loss of sealing. Solution: use the maintenance period of original gland filler seal device into axial labyrinth seal device, to strengthen the sealing effect, improve the service life of the sealing device, completely solve the problem of material leakage broken shell.

2. Rotor vibration of hammer crusher. Due to poor quality casting hammer, hammer shaft fracture; the unreasonable design, causing the hammer shaft fracture, resulting in falling hammer; hammer shaft sleeve positioning bolt is easy to cut, causing the hammer shaft caused by channeling, hammer off. These factors cause the rotor vibration, which has a great influence on the balance of the rotor of the hammer crusher.

Solving measures: the hammer shaft of the crusher is reformed, the middle of the hammer shaft is no longer drilled, instead of the optical axis, and the baffle plate is installed at both ends of the hammer shaft. In order to further reduce the hammer shaft ends baffle bear impact load axial displacement, axial movement of the hammer shaft to prevent occurrence of welding, in hammer disc retaining iron permanent, can prevent the hammer shaft caused by displacement of hammer falling accident.

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