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Posted by Maggie on November 7th, 2017

This month, Runescape updates some changes in game, such as revolution upgrade, ninja updates and advanced cheap rs 3 gold accumulator. Look the details below!Going in game to ban bots visibly, also means that you will inevitably be asked all sorts of questions from players in the area, which tends to distract one from the actual task of bot banning.I.P banning just isn't reliable, there's still dial up providers which change your i.p each time you dial up, plus many other ways to change your i.p.

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Revolution upgrade

In Revolutionmode, assuming you have enough adrenaline, you can now automatically trigger thresholds and ultimate abilities. You can also adjust the size of the revolutionary window through combat settings, so play it when it appears. And, to ensure balance when fighting monsters in different modes, we increase the average damage done by traditional combat and special attacks.

You are right that unfortunately in the intervening period there are going to be a bunch of morons who will see people botting and think they can get away with it too. Then many will be very upset they threw away their account and they will come up with every lie in the book when their ban eventually comes.

In the intervening period there will be thousands of bots being banned (at the not quite keeping up rate) - all the while people will claim that we're not doing anything about it, that we're just eating cookies blah blah blah.Did you know in the three months before we removed balanced trading and the wilderness, we lost significantly more members due to bans, than we did in the three months after due to people who didn't like the updates quitting? During that time many people erroneously claimed we were doing nothing.

The short termist view is that banning bots is bad for our financials. However these users who bot are quite clearly users who want to shorten their gaming experience anyway, so I'd argue we'd probably lose them sooner or later anyway and probably if we favoured them it would be at the expense of people who were planning to stick around for longer. "

Random story for you. I remember when I was playing a MUD (MUDs were basically early text based MMOs) back in about 1996 from the university computer labs. One guy managed to misbehave enough to get the computer lab i.p banned for the purposes of creating new characters on that MUD.Ironically he was the one who also had diallup at home. So the effect of the i.p ban was the rest of us , who hadn't done anything wrong needed to go to this guy if we wanted to create a new character.

If it was a simple case of ban their i.p and it'll stop them from coming back, believe me it would have happened in 2001/2002.I don't deny for a moment that bot levels are rather high right now.There have been several times before when it has been very high and we've taken a bit of time to improve our methods and ban them quicker, we're aware there's a problem right now and we're struggling to keep up.It is being looked into.
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