Overall Property Improvement Helps Increase Your Property's Value

Posted by newson on November 7th, 2017

The best way to increase the value of your property is to do improvements and repairs. You might have to spend more money for these changes, but they could drastically increase the value of your property. This is something that could benefit you.

The key is to identify how much these improvements will cost and how much the potential increase in your property’s value will be. If the return of investment is quite high, go ahead and push on with the renovations.

Keep a list of recent improvements

It is extremely important to have a list of all the improvements you’ve carried out. Include the receipts and other proofs of purchase. You can show them to the surveyor so that the improvements can be considered in determining the value of your property. Just remember that the cost of an improvement will not automatically guarantee that the value of your property will also increase by the exact same amount. It could be higher or lower depending on the assessment of the surveyor.

Don’t forget the outdoors

Outdoor living areas are such a huge hit these days. People are willing to spend more money to invest in a property that has a wonderful outdoor living area. You might want to invest in a fully functional living area with furniture and other facilities. Well-manicured lawns could also affect the valuation of your property. Besides, even if you decide not to sell your property, seeing these improvements might make you want to stay in the property.

Kitchen and bathroom remodelling

These areas of the house must be totally clean and modern. People don’t want to see these areas looking dated. Even if remodelling costs a lot, the increase in the overall value of the property will be high enough that you can say it is worth the cost. It takes time for any remodelling to be finished, so you have to do it way ahead of your plan to hire a surveyor to check the property and conduct a property valuation.

Do research

You need to understand which changes could help increase your property’s value. There are changes that could make the property look aesthetically appealing, but they are not really that functional. This won’t positively affect the valuation of your property. Therefore, you need to understand how much changes will cost and how much you will get in return. Be wise in deciding which renovations to give more attention to.

You can hire quality chartered surveyors Essex offers, if you have a property in the area, to do a property valuation. With recent improvements, there is a guarantee that your property will increase its value. If you decide to sell it soon, you can show the valuation report as proof of how much your property is really worth.

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