Use The Software When Someone Else Is Managing It For You!

Posted by Binadox Solutions on November 7th, 2017

These days most of the companies operate in virtual mode. They do not have proper offices and proper employees. They have employees but these employees do not know each other in person and sometimes they do not even know the owner of the company or the admin head of the company! All the interviews are done on internet, they are assigned their works on internet, their salaries reach them through internet and every possible activity like meetings and project discussion are done through internet. Basically internet is the link between them and the strongest thread that binds all these people together. Now what will they do when it comes to new projects! Who will buy the system for the employees and most importantly where the system will be installed? How will they get a virtual office!

What is SAAS?

Well, these days a third party service is very popular known as software as a service or SAAS! In this program, the owner of this service buys high end software from the owner of the software company and allows another company to use the software! They are basically selling the service and not the product. So suppose you require product A for one of your projects, now you will come to the SAAS Company and ask them for the product. They will give you a key and the software through internet. Now you will use the product for your project and that too for a particular period of time. This is basically and popularly known as SAAS. When you are using SAAS program, you need to think about Managing SAAS subscription.

Benefits of using the service

The biggest benefit of having SAAS service is that you do not need to think about the expiry date of the software and renewing it. If you bought the software from its owner, you may face a lot of lawsuits if you miss the renewal date and still use the product. But when you are using SAAS, you just need to remember Managing SAAS subscription and the owner of the SAAS Company will manage everything else. Your job will be easy! You do not need to negotiate someone for price of the product and you can easily use it without much fuss. So having the SAAS eases your life and eases your work pressure a lot. So you need to find the best SAAS companies and choose one for your project. 

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