List of Some Employee Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Posted by octanner on November 7th, 2017

It’s the people of an organization that keep it running, good and motivated employees are very important for the effective and smooth running of a company. Whether it’s a manager or a front-line worker keeping the morale of employee’s high is very important. So, that the environment of office is positive.

When the employees feels positive and enjoy the environment of their office, their productivity increases. Employee recognition is one of the best ways to keep the workers motivated and confident towards their job. The more an employee is appreciated by the management and the company the more he/she will strive to do great work.

There are numerous of Employee Recognition Award Ideas and some of them are discussed below:List of Some Employee Appreciation Gifts Ideas 

1- CEO for the day

Make your employee the CEO for a day to let them know about their value to the company.

2- Lunch with the team

Take your employees out for lunch and let them select the place. Try to keep conversation related to work minimal. Use this time to know your employees better, about their interests, hobbies, and future aspirations.

3- Company apparel

We all love free t-shirts and ball caps. Providing employees with free company apparel and other logo merchandise can be a unique and affordable way to appreciate your employee.

4- Event tickets

If your members are involved with any kind of charity, purchase a couple of tickets of their next event. These events are always fun and give them a new experience.

5- Team service project

Arrange a community activity and to make it more interesting, allow your employees to choose the event.

6- Appreciation meeting

Call your employee to your office and appreciate him/her for the dedication and effort they put in their work.

7-  Achievement certificate

Give a certificate to honor your best employee for any kind of achievement.

8- Hand -written note

Sometimes it is not the money or some sort of gift by which you can reward your good employees. Giving a self -written note with sincerity and respect can mean a lot to them.

9-  Small time-off

Give a short break of 15-20 minutes as a spot reward. Employees can use these short breaks to refresh themselves or go for a coffee.

10-  Birthdays and work anniversaries

Make the important days of your employee’s life special. Organize a formal lunch, throw a small party, distribute some pastries, etc. There are numerous ways to let them know how much you care for them.

Employees perform better when they are praised for their work. By appreciating them it is confirmed that their work is liked and valued by the company. A cheerful and rewarded employee gets motivated to perform better because of the positive feeling they have for their work, their company, and their staff members. There are plenty of employee appreciation gift ideas so that you can praise them for their valuable contributions.

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