Why You Need To Get Over the Betrayal Trauma

Posted by ricky26 on November 7th, 2017

Why this is happening to me? Why I am feeling like a mess? Have I lost everything I had? These are the first few feelings of any women finding that her man is having sex or porn addiction. When you found out that your partner is having the sex addiction, your personal life becomes a mess and it equally affects your professional and social life; you find it hard to catch up on your life, can’t eat, can’t sleep or do anything. All these things are faced by people having betrayal trauma. An individual can fight with any life situation with the loved one by their side. But when those loved ones betray you, it is hard to get over the trauma. For more details, Visit here.

Sex addiction is something that is the strong sign of betrayal in a relationship; if there is sex addiction and your partner isn’t cheating on you, then the chances are that you are suffering from non-consensual intimacy and similar situations. The only possible solution for this is sex addiction counselling Lethbridge. Such an addiction can be termed as a psychological disorder and apposite counseling is the only solution. Sex counseling for the addicted is essential, but what about the partner?

There isn’t much of help available for the partners of sex addicts. Betrayal trauma is a big thing and it should be avoided or ignored at any cost. When your partner is involved in an affair or sexual activity, you feel broken and depressed from inside and that feeling of emptiness and hardness is betrayal trauma. Sex addiction can be deduced and cured but betrayal trauma is not cured well or on time, it shakes the person from inside out.

Betrayal trauma counselling Calgary for the partner of a sex addict is as necessary as anything else and only expert professionals can be trusted for such type of counseling. If you want your life back on track and get over the feeling that is eating you like the termite, then you need to find good counseling center for it. There are quite a few counseling centers in Lethbridge and areas around, but the best one is known as LifeStar Alberta.

LifeStar Alberta is the most effective and sought after counseling center offering recognized counseling program for sex addicts and their partners. They can help both the individuals effectively. For more information, Click here.

About LifeStar Alberta:

Life Star Alberta is can be the perfect place for taking betrayal trauma counselling Lethbridge and sex addiction counseling.

For more information, visit Lifestaralberta.com.

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