5 Tech Giants that Continue to Dominate the World We Live In

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on November 8th, 2017

5 Tech Giants that Continue to Dominate the World We Live In

The five largest American tech companies are Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Each of these giants have growing economic, social, and political power not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Between them, they control the world’s most important tech, including smartphones, app development and app stores, and social media networks. The influence these five tech giants have is arguably stronger than that of any government. This is nowhere near more evident than in the testimonies of executives from Google and Facebook, admitting in front of Congress how the algorithms embedded in their technology and the platforms themselves may have been used to influence the 2016 election.

There are some who describe the power that these companies have as dangerous. Admittedly, these five corporations have grown to be so big that they’ve literally altered so many aspects of the world we live in. The difficulty in this growing power is that there may not be any real way to stop it from happening or even mitigating the consequences.

Tech can change Society in Unexpected and Messy Ways

Though tech developments have led to some of the most wonderful interventions in history, it does have a dark side. Having 5 massive tech conglomerates, it does provide some good in at least knowing that this is not necessarily a one-company-rules-all situation. That said, modern communication is really dominated by these five brands. Thus far, they’ve been able to be held accountable and seem to communicate genuine interest in ensuring their power is used for positive purposes. That said, the negatives that have come with these five companies are difficult to ignore for some segments of the population that are prone.

These 5 Tech Giants Don’t like Each other at all

The worried among us who are a little apprehensive about these five huge conglomerates can rest easy knowing that they don’t really work together and, in fact, really don’t like each other in some cases.

They rarely work together on projects and have largely remained competitors with one another. All five invest in unique areas and largely, each has remained in their own lane. Google specializes in search, Facebook in social networking features, and Amazon in e-commerce shopping. They may battle for new markets and tech but once a winner is decided, these giants are quick to re-invest and move on to other battles. In terms of any real one-world monopoly, as of today, there doesn’t really seem to be a plausible argument for it.

It’s Kind of “the American Way”

These companies have risen to power, in part, due to the American system of business. All five of these companies are based and controlled out of the United States, though tomorrow’s giants may be from China, India, Russia, or Europe. For now, this has more positive implications than negative as these corporations are allowed to grow domestically while internationally they have faced increased regulation as foreign-owned corporations.

The problem is rather complex. Or, to some, there is no problem. What all of us can acknowledge though is that there are 5 big corporations who have major influence over the world. Largely what the future holds for tech and digital marketing, to an extent, are within the hands of these companies. Their efforts to capture and govern more power are moves that must be weighed and supervised.

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